Why does sheath pain in the lower back and how to treat it?

Painful manifestations in the back are familiar to us almost from childhood, and especially in the thoracic spine. And it's not just the spine. Back pain above the waist can be caused by a variety of diseases that do not choose age.. So what causes this phenomenon?

Back pains above the lower back are caused by vertebral pathologies and diseases of internal organs.

By tradition, let's start with diseases that are directly related to the subject of our site.

Most often hurts back above the waist because of:

Thoracic scoliosis and kyphosisMusculus myositis Breast osteochondrosis and other DDP travom thoracic Infectious and neoplastic processes in the spine

The list is given according to the degree of decreasing frequency of the disease.

This means that most often the back hurts because of the curvature of the spine in the frontal and lateral planes - scoliosis and kyphosis. Why exactly lead the curvature?

First of all, because scoliosis and kyphosis (slouching) are diseases of youth that often persist for life. These are the results of both incorrect posture, and all kinds of “growing diseases”, and internal processes.

It is almost impossible for adults to find a person without scoliosis or kyphosis of varying degrees.

Long-term curvature causes uneven tone of the back muscles. Increased tone and muscle spasms cause pain. Further, these processes only increase:
Muscle spasm deepens the curvature and area of ​​muscle tension

Scoliosis of the thoracic region is not always primary, it can be stabilizing, that is, occur as opposed to curvatures in other parts of the spine:
thus, the pelvic displacement to the left leads to a lumbar displacement to the right, which in turn is balanced by the left thoracic displacement.

Muscle myositis as inflammation also causes muscle spasm and often happens due to everyday reasons: cold air flows (drafts, conditioners) load on the thoracic muscles (carrying a load on outstretched arms, playing volleyball, swimming, etc.)

But myositis tends to develop into a chronic form, and this is a much more serious phenomenon.

Thoracic osteochondrosis - a rather rare phenomenon due to the low natural mobility of this department. It usually arises: Against the background of systemic diseases (arthritis and spondylitis) With existing osteochondrosis in other departmentsWhen a fixed lifestyle As a result of injuries and operationsInjuries can cause pain above the lumbar region, if damaged, for example, vertebrae T10 - T12Bone tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, tumors of the vertebrae and spinal cord in the lower thoracic regions also give constant pain in the back

Nature of pain due to vertebral pathologies

Back pain above the waist can be due to scoliosis, myositis, osteochondrosis and other diseases.

In all the above cases, the pain may be different.

Chronic aching pain, discomfort is observed when:

chronic degenerative dystrophic processes and first and second degree miositis scoliosis of minor injuries to the initial stages of tuberculosis or cancer

As diseases develop, with serious injuries, painful attacks are more serious, they can be:

in the form of lumbago, dagger strikes, burning

Why does the nature of pain change?

Because the process begins to be involved nerve endings that are compressed and inflamed.

Vertebral pathologies have one more property:

Back pain caused by diseases of the spine, usually aggravated by movement

Back pain above the waist can be a reflection of the nature - as an echo of internal diseases, the focus of which can be in both the chest and lumbar back.

Reflected pains above the waist are caused by heart, respiratory, gastrointestinal, and renal diseases.

Diseases causing pain above the loins

Heart diseases, in particular: myocardastenocardia

With heart attacks of the front wall - the pain is intense for 15 - 90 minutes, then it can stop. Symptoms of cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency, arrhythmias appear. The pain gives in the sternum, in the back under the left shoulder blade. If there is simultaneously a chest osteochondrosis, then a backing pain may occur with symptoms of intercostal neuralgia, aggravated when the back is flexing. can also be reflected above the lower back. Angina - a sudden pain in the chest (it can cause stress loads), lasting about 15 minutes. It is also projected between the shoulder blades and under the left shoulder blade.Colds: Pneumonia, pleurisy Influenza, bronchitis

It hurts in the back with these sores also in different ways:

With pneumonia, which can be painless, often develop the so-called dry pleurisy, manifested by pain in the thoracic region when breathing and dry cough.
Dry pleurisy is also associated with tuberculous pulmonary infection. In flu, pain is caused by high fever and viral infection, which causes pain in the lower back muscles and areas above its pain in bronchitis often muscular and usually occurs after several days of severe cough: Cough causes spasm in pectoral and rib muscles. In turn, muscle spasm can squeeze nerves and cause intercostal neuralgia.Diseases of the digestive tract
All diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are acute and chronic.
The following are the symptoms of acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Gastric ulcer.
It can provoke dagger pains in the middle of the peritoneum, radiating out in the chest, the heart area, above the waist. Their characteristic feature is attachment to food intake, nausea, blackened calpankreitis
Acute pain under the ribs, concentrating more often on the left, rolling on the back of the back, in the lumbar region, which is why it is called shingles. Accompanied by vomiting, nausea, fever, intestinal upset, flatulence, fractional feces Hocilicitis, cholelithiasis
It hurts under the ribs on the left, giving way to the back, just above the waist, mostly a few hours after eating. There may also be nausea and a feeling of heaviness, a bitter taste in the mouth.
Particularly severe pain when blocking the bile duct with a stone. It can disappear abruptly (when the stone leaves) and move lower as it moves along the intestinal pathways.Kidney disease
Pains in pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis and kidney stones vary in intensity, depending on whether the disease is chronic or acute: Chronic renal nephritis gives a moderate dull back pain

The projection of pain in unexpected places, well above or below their source - these are the features of all purulent inflammatory processes that can end extremely.

Therefore, if the aching pain in the lower abdomen suddenly became a dagger and is given to the lumbar region and even higher, and the temperature has increased, then such signs may indicate some kind of abscess breakthrough and the onset of peritonitis, the sources of which may be:


AppendicitisGynecological diseases (cysts, fibroids, malignant tumors)

Reflected back pain, the cause of which is some kind of internal disease, is usually constant and aching and may occasionally be paroxysmally acute. It is always accompanied by additional symptoms indicating a dysfunction of any organ.

Treatment of back pain begins with an external examination, instrumentation research and is carried out in several stages.

Then the pain symptom itself is eliminated. The exception is those cases that require urgent surgical intervention. The main phase of treatment begins, the purpose of which is to eliminate the source of the disease itself. For example:

. When scoliosis is:

For diseases of internal organs:

drug therapy operation, Then there is a recovery phase: physical therapy, physiotherapy and diet, etc.

Video: Back pain exercises

Pain syndrome is a signal that enters the brain from the affected nerves in the organs of the body. It indicates inflammatory processes, pinching or destructurization (destructive processes) in tissues. What can the shingles pain under the ribs and in the back tell?

The most common causes of girdle pain under the scapulae are a pinching of the nerve in the spine due to the growth or deformation of the cartilage tissue, or acute cutaneous herpes zoster.

Less commonly, this indicates an aortic aneurysm. But with such complaints, doctors first check for the presence of acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the human digestive system.

Shingles pain in the lower back and lower abdomen develops according to the following scheme:

destruction of tissues in the abdominal cavity, pinching or destruction of the spinal nerves at the exit points in the specified location, stagnation of lymphatic fluid with the subsequent development of pathogenic microflora, impaired blood flow, inflammation with swelling of the tissues, edema contributes to pinching of the nerves and the signal is sent to the brain.

You can see that from the moment of the occurrence of the problem to the first symptoms, the time passes decently, which indicates the advanced forms of the disease. In this case, anesthetics will only hide the discomfort, but not eliminate the cause.

The following deviations can provoke discomfort in the back and abdomen:

spinal osteochondrosis in the lower back and chest, acute pyelonephritis, rheumatoid disease, hernia, spinal tuberculosis.

Not always the surrounding pain in the lumbar region speaks of problems with the spine. You can even say that sometimes it is different by gender.

Thus, back pain in women may indicate pregnancy, menopause, or gynecological diseases (inflammation of the appendages). With problems of gynecological nature, there is a aching pain in the abdomen, which radiates to the lower back.

In men, discomfort in the back and lower back is often the result of lifestyle and working conditions (hard physical work, work in the cold), as well as prostate diseases.

In adults, often changes in the lower back are triggered by obesity grade 4, inflammation of appendicitis, adhesions on the internal organs after surgery, kidney disease, myositis, and the growth of tumors.

Shingles pain in the back and chest can be dangerous due to a fuzzy clinical picture. Often, people themselves write off symptoms of overwork and are in no hurry to consult a doctor.

The causes of shingles pain above the waist can be:

ischemic heart disease, acute pancreatitis, exacerbation of gallstone disease, aneurysm of the lower part of the aorta, Burhave syndrome (esophageal rupture).

These pathogenic processes are extremely dangerous to human life and health, and therefore at the first manifestations of surrounding pain under the ribs and above the loins, it is necessary to urgently turn to a general practitioner.

After examination and analysis, he may schedule a consultation with a neuropathologist, dermatologist or gastroenterologist, depending on the causes of the development of the syndrome.

In some cases, with acute tingling in the back, inpatient treatment and surgery may be required (often accompanied by vomiting, fever).

We have already found out that the shingles pain under the ribs and in the back can develop for many reasons, and therefore it is impossible to try to get rid of it on our own.

In the event of a syndrome is prohibited:

warm or cool, take any medications, including painkillers, move abruptly, spontaneously change posture, drink hot drinks.

First of all, you need to take the most comfortable posture to reduce pain in the back under the shoulder blades, limit the flow of fluid into the body and promptly call an ambulance.

If the pain syndrome is accompanied by gagging, it is impossible to suppress the reflex - the release of excess fluid will help reduce the pressure on the internal organs. In this case, it is forbidden to eat food before the examination and consultation with a doctor.

Shingles pain in the lower back and abdomen is a clear signal of the development of pathological processes in the human body. It can not be ignored and rely on the "self pass".

Delay is deadly. Do not self-medicate - contact your doctor on time. Timely and competent assistance can save lives.

The information in the articles is intended solely for general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis of health problems or for medical purposes. This article is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor (neurologist, therapist). Please consult your doctor first to know exactly the cause of your health problem.

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During the day, doing any household chores or tasks for work, a person may experience unpleasant back pain. Especially prevalent is girdle pain. In this regard, it is worth paying particular attention to the symptoms, since this can be a "bell" of the formation of serious changes not only in the spine itself, but also in the internal organs.

The most common pathologies in the spinal column are the following diseases:

Radiculitis. Scoliosis. Osteochondrosis. Injuries.

Disease due to inflammatory processes in the roots of the spinal cord.

Localization and nature of pain Having ill with radiculitis, there is always a surrounding back pain. The syndrome is felt penetrating effect.

Carelessly turning the torso, the patient can “jam” from piercing pain.

Who will help A therapist can handle this problem in the lumbar region. In special cases - a neurologist.

Diagnostics At the first examination, if there are suspicions of sciatica, the patient is asked to undergo X-ray, computed tomography.

Treatment The patient is prescribed to undergo hirudotherapy, acupuncture, massage course, exercise therapy.

Great problems arise for those who have scoliosis.

Pathology is expressed by curvature of the spine.

Where the pain is located
If a spinal defect is found in the lower back, then the pain will be consistently present in the lower back. Syndrome with oppressive and aching effect.

Additional symptoms At the initial stage, the development of pathology is difficult to detect visually.

A clear sign that one person’s shoulder is higher than the other.

Who treats An appeal to an orthopedist, a vertebrologist, will help stop and deal with scoliosis.

Diagnostics An X-ray or magnetic resonance imaging is used to identify problems in certain parts of the spinal column.

Treatment Wearing a special vest will provide an opportunity to correct spinal defects.

In addition, the patient is prescribed special gymnastics.

It is possible that shingles pain in the lumbar region appeared due to lumbosacral osteochondrosis. Ailment caused by inflammation intervertebral discs.

Localization of pain Loins pierced with aching pain.

The negative effect is enhanced if careless rotation of the body.

Passing signs It is difficult to bend down. Stiffness. "Chamber" from careless sudden movement. The pain is given to the leg. Difficult to get up from a sedentary or horizontal position.

Which doctor will help
It works with patients with osteochondrosis, a rheumatologist.

Laboratory blood tests. MRI Ultrasound examination.

When osteochondrosis provides the following therapeutic actions:

Drug treatment. Acupuncture. Physiotherapy

At the beginning, when the strongest pain pursues, an injection is performed.

The source of pain in the lumbar region can be injuries in the form of bruises and fractures. The latter option of injuries carries with it grave consequences and a long rehabilitation period.

Localization and nature of pain The pain is felt at the site of injury to the back.

It is characterized by dull, spreading pain.

Related signs of injury The presence of hematomas. Swelling damage site. Temporary disability (duration depends on the nature and severity of the injury).

Which doctor to go
Working with patients with injuries of the back, a trauma surgeon.

Diagnostics When bruises enough examination by a traumatologist.

If a fracture is suspected, the victim is sent for an X-ray, MRI.

Treatment In case of serious bruises and fractures, complete rest is provided to the victim (from one week, depending on the severity). Pain can be removed by injection of "Diclofenac". It is advisable to use ointment "Voltaren Emulgel", "Ketanol", accelerating the recovery.

After the treatment of a fracture, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

Emerging anxiety in the abdomen and lower back may be due to the following pathologies:

Pancreatitis. Colitis. Cholecystitis. Appendicitis. Enteritis. Ulcer of the stomach wall.

Pathology due pancreatic inflammation.

There are two forms of it: acute and chronic.

Where is the syndrome located With surging attacks of illness, there is a surrounding pain in the abdomen, which does not leave the lumbar part of the back alone. The pain is characterized by particular sharpness and duration.

Additional symptoms The following signs are observed:

Nauseous. Decreased physical tone (decreased working capacity). Vomiting. Dizziness. There may be diarrhea with pieces of uncooked food.

Which specialist treats
If you suspect pancreatitis, it is advisable to contact a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist.

Diagnosing Pancreatitis To establish the pathology should undergo an initial medical examination by a specialist. Additional and more accurate results can be obtained through a biochemical blood test, coprogram, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound.

Treatment It is important to revise the diet, removing fatty, spicy, fried foods. Eliminate alcohol. In order to avoid the increased acidity of the gastric juice, medications of the “anticholinergic” and “antacid” groups are prescribed. Receipt "Kontrikala", "Trasilola" is required to reduce the action of pancreatic enzymes.

In special cases, when suppurations are present, one cannot do without an operation.

The disease is characterized inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane of the colon.

Where the back hurts In the acute manifestation of the disease, the pain gives a dull and aching effect in the lower back.

Related symptoms Increased flatulence. Bloating. There may be false urges to the chair. Certain heaviness in the abdomen.

Which doctor will help
When you first visit the clinic, the therapist redirects the patient to a gastroenterologist.

Diagnostics To properly diagnose pathology, you should go through:

Blood test. Analysis of feces. Ultrasound examination. MRI

The following measures are taken to get rid of colitis:

Diet. Pickles, smoked meats, sour desserts are excluded. To eat 5-6 times a day in small portions. Acceptance of anti-infectious medications (“Tsifran”, “Enterofuril”, “Rifaximin”). In the case of painful attacks, “Papaverine”, “No-Spa” is used. For normalization of intestinal microflora, Linex, Activated carbon, Polyphepan, Filtrum, Enterosgel are well recommended.

On the background of gallstones, possible complication in the form of inflammation gallbladder.

Localization of back pain The pain appears for a short period of time with a cutting effect.

Localization of the attack - the right side of hypochondrium.

Related symptoms Increased temperature up to 38 degrees. Itching of the skin. Belching. Problems with stool (constipation or diarrhea). High gas production. Reduced physical tone.

Which doctor will cure
Treatment is advisable to a gastroenterologist.

Diagnosing During the initial examination it is important to accurately determine the degree of development of the pathology. For this reason, the following types of diagnosis are carried out:

MRI Ultrasound. CT scan.

Therapeutic process
The following steps are used to eliminate cholecystitis:

Careful diet with the elimination of smoked, fried, spicy dishes, as well as pickles. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day. To suppress the inflammatory manifestations of drugs are assigned to the group "antibiotics" ("Amoxicillin", "Ciprofloxacin"). Against acute pain, “Platyphylline” is indicated.

Another reason why shingles is manifested in appendicitis is appendicitis.

The disease is caused by inflammation of the appendix (appendix of the cecum).

Localization of pain
Pain occurs in the right side of the belt, between the navel and the liver. There is a nagging pain that can go to the back if medical measures are not taken.
Additional signs The temperature rises (possibly up to 38 degrees). Nauseous feeling. Color urine to reddish condition. Vomiting.

Which doctor to go
The surgeon will be able to provide expert help.

Diagnostics For further elimination of appendicitis, diagnostic measures are carried out:

Primary reception by a specialist. Ultrasound. MRI

The only correct way to get rid of appendicitis is appendectomy.

Through this operation, the appendix is ​​removed.

If the back pain is often troubling, the causes can be different, including due to enteritis. Ailment results in inflammation of the mucous membrane in the small intestine.

Localization and nature of pain Feels pain in the navel.

The syndrome may be given to the side of the waist.

Related signs Temperature rise to critical (up to 39 degrees). Nausea. Vomiting is possible. Frequent loose stools. Risk of dehydration. Capacity

Who treats
Help in diagnosing and getting rid of enteritis can provide a gastroenterologist.

Diagnosing If enteritis is suspected, the following examinations are performed:

Bacteriological analysis of feces. Biochemical study of blood. Endoscopy. X-ray. Magnetic resonance imaging.

It is important to follow these guidelines:

Eliminate everyday activity. To follow a diet, removing fried, salty, spicy. Acceptance of medications "Pancitrat", "Pancreatin", "Festala". By taking probiotics, dysbacteriosis is controlled.

Pathology due lesions of the gastric mucosa due to the "work" of bacteria "Helicobacter Pylori".

Localization of pain syndrome

The painful effect is felt in the upper part of the stomach.

With strong anxiety, the syndrome spreads to the lower back.

Associated symptoms Burning.Nauseous feeling. There is increased gas formation. Breaking stool Belching.

Which specialist will help
A gastroenterologist is a highly specialized doctor who can help in the detection of pathology.

Diagnostics The patient is invited by the doctor to undergo the following types of research:

Blood donation, feces, urine. Fibrogastroscopy. Studies collected gastric juice.

When diagnosing an ulcer, the patient is prescribed:

Diet. Menu with a bias on boiled food, without fried, spicy dishes. Restoration of the mucosa by means of "Biogastron", "Ventroksol", "De-Nola". Elimination of burning through the "Almagel".

During pregnancy, pain occurs in the lumbar spine. it due to the growth of the fetus.

Localization and nature of pain The pain effect is concentrated in the lumbosacral region.

A pregnant woman feels a nagging pain that occurs during prolonged standing on the legs.

Which doctor will help The therapist or the attending obstetrician attending a pregnant woman can cope with the syndrome.

Diagnostics Enough lead external inspection. To eliminate the error, it is desirable to conduct an MRI or radiography.

Treatment To exclude such pain problems in the future, it is recommended to wear a special orthopedic vest that makes the pregnant posture correct, which helps to relieve the back.

Bruising back pain may be due to female diseases, such as fibroids.

Pathology is due to swelling of the uterus muscle tissue.

Pain symptoms in the back Ailment makes itself felt, giving way to a dull pain in the back.

What doctor treats There is a highly specialized specialist - a gynecologist.

Diagnosing The accuracy of the diagnosis is provided by magnetic resonance imaging.

In addition, you can sign up for an ultrasound.

Treatment When getting rid of fibroids, the following treatment options are possible:

Hormone therapy. Ultrasound treatment. Surgical intervention.

The disease is explained by the appearance of the infectious virus. "Varicella-zoster“Affecting the skin of the lower back.

Localization and pain Those who have herpes zoster, should be aware of the painful pains that have a long character.

The concentration of the syndrome on the one hand (the place of skin lesions).

Additional signs A slight redness at the initial stage, comparable to allergies. Formation of watery vesicles (development of herpes). Bursting purulent vesicles with relatively hard scab.

Which doctor will help
Pathology is subject to treatment by a dermatologist.

Diagnostics Pronounced symptoms allow the specialist to accurately diagnose the correct during an external examination.

Treatment It is possible to cope with a skin disease by means of appropriate antiviral ointments ("Acyclovir", "Zovirax", "Famciclovir", "Vatsiklovir").

Nephroptosis. Urolithiasis disease. Cystitis.

With this pathology, there is mobility of the kidneys, which predetermines pain in the lower back.

Localization and nature of pain With a vertical position of the body, the patient feels a pulling back pain at the site of the displacement of the kidney.

Who treats For the diagnosis and the appointment of further treatment process should contact the urologist.

Diagnosing The urologist examines the disturbing site with obligatory palpation.

In addition, ultrasound is performed.

Treatment Be sure to wear a special bandage. Fulfillment of dietary requirements (compulsory consumption of high-calorie foods). Performing a special gymnastic complex.

In severe cases, do not avoid surgery.

In case of pathology, the formation of kidney stones, bringing pain in the lower back.

Localization of pain Dull and pulling pain in the lumbar region, turning into a pulsating effect.

The appearance of the strongest painful attacks is a real test for the patient.

Additional symptoms Urine gets a blood shade. There is sand in the urine. Severe pain in the urethra due to overflowing sand.

Which specialist to go to
A urologist is a specialist who can cope with an illness.

Diagnostics A specialist is strongly recommended to undergo an ultrasound scan of the relevant authorities.

Treatment To alleviate the pain effect, antispasmodics of the non-steroid group (“Naproxen”, “Ibuprofen”) are prescribed. Improving the discharge of stones shown "Tamsulosin", "Nifedipine."

The method of shock-wave lithotripsy has proven itself effectively.

The disease is characterized by inflammation of the bladder walls.

Localization and nature of pain Pathology is characterized by prolonged dull pain in the lumbar region.

Which doctor will help In the clinic, you must register with a urologist.

Diagnosis options In case of cystitis, the specialist gives directions for urinalysis, as well as ultrasound.

Treatment Removal of pain by means of "Ketorolaka", "Papaverina", "Drotaverina". Acceptance of special medications of the antibiotics group (Monural, Nitroxoline). The medications of the fluoroquinolone group (“Cyfran”, “Ciprofloxacin”) are prescribed.

You can not hesitate with qualified medical care in the following cases:

Severe injuries in the form of severe bruises, fractures. During pregnancy, as self-medication may adversely affect the development of the fetus being born. With such pathologies as urolithiasis, colitis, scoliosis.

In moments of extreme pain, when relief depends only on the victim, you should do the following:

Adopt a comfortable position that reduces pain (sit in a chair, lie on the bed). Take up the elimination of pain. To do this, if it is bruised, attach a cold object (ideally ice). Take a couple of pain pills. In case of need, when all the measures taken did not produce the desired effect, call an “emergency room”.

Be sure to watch a video that may be useful.

Shingles pain in the back: types, causes, treatment

A lot of people are well aware of feeling when their backs hurt. However, not everyone can distinguish the reasons why it may arise, what types of events it may have and what measures need to be taken. For a start, it is important to understand what may cause shingles pain in the lower back.

Causes of pain

In addition to problems with the spine, back pain can occur due to problems with other organs of this department. For example, the cause of this pain may be any disease of the abdominal cavity. And yet, in most cases, lumbar pain associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. If the lumbar spine hurts, there can be many reasons.

Diseases of the spine itself

Often, such pains are caused by defects, due to which some nerve endings are pinched, which causes pain. For example, these may be:

  • radiculitis,
  • injuries
  • spinal tumors
  • scoliosis,
  • osteochondrosis.

Because of these diseases, compression of the nerve joints occurs, and as a result, constant herpes pains occur. However, such sensations can also occur due to infectious processes in the muscle tissue.

Problems in the gastrointestinal tract

Pain in the pancreato-duodenal zone, as well as in the kidney area, can be caused by problems in the digestive system. For example, these may be:

  • pancreatitis,
  • cholecystitis,
  • appendicitis,
  • stomach ulcer,
  • enteritis,
  • colitis,
  • inflammation of the pancreas.

Some diseases lead to the release of metabolic products back into the digestive tract, which causes unpleasant pain. In addition, it can cause inflammations that require urgent treatment.

Herpes Zoster

This disease refers to problems related to the nervous system. Herpes can manifest itself through herpes pains in the lumbar region. However, in some cases, such pains may be the only symptom. It is important to diagnose this disease at an early stage, as it can cause a heart attack and other heart problems.

Kidney problems

Such pains in the lumbar spine can cause kidney related diseases. For example, it could be:

  • urolithiasis disease,
  • cystitis,
  • nephroptosis,
  • kidney tumors.

Kidney pain is very similar to feelings when radiculitis. They may appear suddenly, and quickly disappear. Accompanied by its increased body temperature, frequent urination, nausea. As a rule, pain in the kidneys occurs when the nerve endings around it become pinched. In some cases, this leads to inflammation in the nerve endings.

Types of Girdle Pain

When the lumbar spine hurts, patients describe this sensation differently. Consequently, several types of pain can be distinguished. As a rule, they are of a different nature, depending on the cause of occurrence. Can be:

  • sharp, sharp,
  • strong
  • chronic,
  • pulling and aching.

Chronically pain

These sensations have much in common with the pulling type. Such symptoms may occur after suffering lung diseases, such as pneumonia or pleurisy. May be due to heart problems, consequences of diseases of the esophagus and kidneys during pregnancy.

Pain can be projective in nature, that is, felt in completely different places.

Causes of diseases that cause shingles

When the lumbar spine hurts, it is important to immediately find out the possible cause. It is best to contact a specialist to conduct the necessary research and find the cause of the pain.

If this is not done, then it can be treated not at all that actually needs help. Shingles lumbar pain is very easily confused with the manifestation of other diseases.

Even experienced specialists are often mistaken.

The symptoms of a variety of pains can vary depending on the cause of the discomfort.

For example, if the source of pain is a problem in the spine, the pain may occur after hypothermia, large and abrupt loads, unsuccessful tilts. This can lead to pinching of the spinal nerves.

In this case, the pain syndrome may be accompanied by numbness of the limbs, burning sensation, and even sensitivity disorders.

Sometimes the pain in the lumbar spine begins to become so unbearable that patients call an ambulance. If the pain was caused by problems in the kidneys, then other related syndromes are likely to occur:

  • decrease in urine output,
  • urine may contain elements of sand, cut or small stones,
  • urination becomes painful and sore.

In some cases, discomfort in the lumbar region may be accompanied by decreased vision, dermatological problems.

Lower abdominal pain

Such a nature of sensations may indicate diseases of the genitourinary system. For example, in men with such symptoms, inflammation of the prostate gland is often diagnosed. In women, cystic formations were found. If blood remains in the urine, then most likely you have to deal with cystitis.

Pain during pregnancy

If this condition occurs during pregnancy, it is important to seek medical advice immediately. Very often, pain in the lower back during pregnancy can warn of a possible breakdown. Therefore, these symptoms can not be left unattended and begin to treat yourself.

In some situations, it arises simply because of the stretching of the muscles, or because of the growth of the uterus.However, for pregnant women urgent internal consultation is required.

Lumbar pains with a shift to the right

This type of pain may indicate problems in the musculoskeletal system. For example:

  • osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine,
  • spondylosis
  • inflammatory or degenerative problems of the spine,
  • malignant tumors,
  • spinal injuries.

In more rare cases, such pain can speak of diseases of the internal organs, such as the kidneys, intestines, or the gallbladder.

Lumbar pains shifted to the left

Such a syndrome may indicate both problems with the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. Outbreaks of pain usually occur after suffering diseases of the nervous system and the ischial muscles. Particularly common in people leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as those who received spinal injuries.

Pain in the lower back

Pain syndrome of this type can occur when the torso is tilted, as well as when lifting large weights. Such sensations can be caused by a long stay in the same position. The causes of these symptoms:

  • arthritis,
  • heart disease,
  • myosfacial syndrome
  • osteochondrosis,
  • radiculitis,
  • bad posture.

However, spinal disorders are the most common cause of girdling back pain.

Diagnosis of the cause and treatment

To accurately determine the cause of the ailments, it is important to always consult a specialist. If the doctor does the necessary research, it may be connected with an ultrasound scan, an MRI scan, then it will be easier to avoid making the wrong diagnosis. When treating problems of this kind, it is important to adhere to a sparing, and preferably bed rest.

To conservative methods of treatment include all methods that are not related to surgery. This may be taking the necessary medicines, ointments, physiotherapy procedures. Also, for some problems of the spine, massages or a special set of exercises are recommended. Surgical treatment is required only in extreme cases. These include problems with the kidneys or the spine.

It is extremely important in the event of pain in the lumbar region not to self-medicate, but to contact a highly qualified specialist, who will unmistakably diagnose and prescribe a suitable treatment.

Shingles pain in the back - causes

Pain syndrome is a signal that enters the brain from the affected nerves in the organs of the body. It indicates inflammatory processes, pinching or destructurization (destructive processes) in tissues. What can the shingles pain under the ribs and in the back tell?

The most common causes of shingles under the scapulae are due to the proliferation or deformation of cartilage tissue, or acute cutaneous herpes zoster.

Less commonly, this indicates an aortic aneurysm. But with such complaints, doctors first check for the presence of acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the human digestive system.

Pain in the lower back and lower abdomen

Shingles pain in the lower back and lower abdomen develops according to the following scheme:

  • destruction of tissues in the abdominal cavity, pinching or destruction of the spinal nerves at the exit points in the specified location,
  • stagnation of lymphatic fluid with the subsequent development of pathogenic microflora,
  • impaired blood flow
  • inflammation with tissue swelling,
  • swelling contributes to pinching the nerves, and the signal is sent to the brain.

You can see that from the moment of the occurrence of the problem to the first symptoms, the time passes decently, which indicates the advanced forms of the disease. In this case, anesthetics will only hide the discomfort, but not eliminate the cause.

The following deviations can provoke discomfort in the back and abdomen:

Not always the surrounding pain in the lumbar region speaks of problems with the spine.You can even say that sometimes it is different by gender.

So, it may indicate pregnancy, menopause or gynecological diseases (inflammation of the appendages). With problems of gynecological nature, there is a aching pain in the abdomen, which radiates to the lower back.

In men, discomfort in the back and lower back is often the result of lifestyle and working conditions (hard physical work, work in the cold), as well as prostate diseases.

In adults, often changes in the lower back are triggered by obesity grade 4, inflammation of appendicitis, adhesions on the internal organs after surgery, and growth of tumors.

Pain syndrome under the ribs

Shingles pain in the back and chest can be dangerous due to a fuzzy clinical picture. Often, people themselves write off symptoms of overwork and are in no hurry to consult a doctor.

The causes of shingles pain above the waist can be:

  • coronary heart disease,
  • in the acute stage
  • exacerbation of gallstone disease
  • aneurysm of the lower part of the aorta,
  • Burhave syndrome (esophagus breaks).

These pathogenic processes are extremely dangerous to human life and health, and therefore at the first manifestations of surrounding pain under the ribs and above the loins, it is necessary to urgently turn to a general practitioner.

After examination and analysis, he may schedule a consultation with a neuropathologist, dermatologist or gastroenterologist, depending on the causes of the development of the syndrome.

In some cases, with acute tingling in the back, inpatient treatment and surgery may be required (often accompanied by vomiting, fever).

What is forbidden to do?

We have already found out that the shingles pain under the ribs and in the back can develop for many reasons, and therefore it is impossible to try to get rid of it on our own.

In the event of a syndrome is prohibited:

  • warm or cool
  • take any medications, including painkillers,
  • move sharply, spontaneously change posture,
  • drink hot drinks.

First of all, you need to take the most comfortable posture to reduce, restrict the flow of fluid into the body and promptly call an ambulance.

If the pain syndrome is accompanied by gagging, it is impossible to suppress the reflex - the release of excess fluid will help reduce the pressure on the internal organs. In this case, it is forbidden to eat food before the examination and consultation with a doctor.

Shingles pain in the lower back and abdomen is a clear signal of the development of pathological processes in the human body. It can not be ignored and rely on the "self pass".

Delay is deadly. Do not self-medicate - contact your doctor on time. Timely and competent assistance can save lives.

Denial of responsibility

The information in the articles is intended solely for general information and should not be used for self-diagnosis of health problems or for medical purposes. This article is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor (neurologist, therapist). Please consult your doctor first to know exactly the cause of your health problem.

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Why does sheath pain in the lower back and how to treat it?

Almost all people of old and mature age, and sometimes young people, at least once in their life have experienced such dubious pleasure as shingles pain in the lower back. In most cases it was not intense, but moderate pain. But her aching character and enviable constancy were knocked out of the usual rhythm of life, and even led to nervous breakdowns. What caused this pain?

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

The most common reason for having shingles back pain is a disease of the spine.And the most common pathology of the spine is osteochondrosis.

Although this process itself is painless, dystrophic disorders in the intervertebral discs lead to their thinning and narrowing of the intervertebral spaces.

Following the discs, the bone tissue of the vertebrae suffers - spondylosis develops with the appearance of marginal bone growths - osteophytes. In addition, osteochondrosis leads to herniated intervertebral discs.

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Aching pain in the kidney area

As a result of all these processes, the roots of the spinal nerves in the so-called infringement occur. foral holes. In the strangulated nerves of the lumbosacral plexus, reactive inflammation develops.

Edema develops in the inflamed nerve fiber, causing the thickened nerve to become more impaired. This vicious vicious circle is accompanied by pain in the lumbar region of the back.

In the absence of proper measures, shingles pain in the back only increases.

Along with osteochondrosis, any spinal pathology leading to the restriction of intervertebral nerves can lead to the appearance of characteristic pain. These are structural disorders - scoliosis, congenital dysplastic changes in the spinal column, as well as injuries, tumors, tuberculosis and syphilitic processes in the spine.

Sometimes the pain in the back is due to inflammatory processes in the muscles - myositis. With extensive lesions of the muscles, muscular pain can also be encircling. Causes of myositis can be very diverse.

Virtually any pathology in the body can ultimately lead to inflammation of the back muscles and to the appearance of surrounding pains.

Diseases of the internal organs

Girdle back pain is often caused not only by diseases of the muscles and spine, but also diseases of the internal organs. Shingles pain is one of the signs of pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas.

And pancreatitis itself almost always develops again as a result of diseases of the stomach, gall bladder and duodenum. The essence of the process lies in the fact that due to the violation of biliary excretion and intestinal motility, the contents of the duodenum 12 are thrown into the pancreatic ducts.

As a result, changes in the gland occur more negatively, accompanied by pain. Shading pain takes pain due to irritation of the nerve fibers of the diaphragm.

Another common cause of herpes pain is kidney disease. Pain in the kidneys sometimes resembles the pain of sciatica that sometimes these two conditions are often confused. It is noteworthy that the substance of the kidney itself is painless. But the formation of stones in the renal pelvis leads to a blockage of the kidneys and to the stretching of the renal capsule. And this is quite a painful process.

Pleurisy, pneumonia, and even myocardial infarction with damage to the posterior diaphragmatic regions of the heart can be the cause of girdling back pain. In women, inflammatory diseases of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries can lead to the appearance of surrounding lumbar pain.

Shingles pain in the lower back: causes, treatment

There is no such person after 35 years who has never experienced pain in the lumbar region at least once. They arise for various reasons. These can be diseases of the pelvic organs, abdomen and chest.

By transmitting the pain signal to all muscles, ligaments, and bone tissues that cover the sore spot directly, the source of the disease makes our body aware.

Shingles pain in the lower back is similar to pain that extends around the entire circumference of the body.

The area where it is given may indicate the disease of certain internal organs. If the bottom of the peritoneum hurts, the encircling pain will go to the lumbar region.

If there are problems with the pelvic organs, the pain will shoot into the sacrum area.If the patient suffers from a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, the pain will respond in the lower thoracic vertebrae.

Here is an incomplete list of pains that can lead to discomfort in the lumbar region.

Back pain

Osteochondrosis, injuries, scoliosis, radiculitis and other problems with the spine often make themselves felt as pain along the entire circumference of the lower back and higher along the back due to pinching of the nerve roots from spinal cord branches. Also the cause of covering lumbar pain can be infectious diseases in the muscles and myositis.

Abdominal pain

Painful sensations in the right, left side and lumbar region of the back can cause appendicitis, cholecystitis, and especially inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis).

Most often, pancreatitis is a consequence of inflammation of the colon, which leads to a violation of its motility. As a result, waste from the intestine enters the gland ducts and becomes inflamed there.

This causes pain to spread through the nerve endings of the diaphragm around the waist.

It will also seem to hurt the entire circumference of the lower back when the walls of the stomach and duodenum are inflamed. At the same time, an immediate pain appears in the lower part of the chest and in the upper abdomen.

More often the patient feels it in the epigastric region. But if the disease encompasses the back wall of the internal organs, the pain syndrome will spread to the spine.

In this case, the covering pain may increase in the central part of the vertebrae of the back and be given in the right and left side.

Pain in the right side

The appearance of pain in the right side of the back can suggest undesirable processes in the liver, gallbladder, appendicitis, right kidney, intestines.

Especially dangerous is liver disease, which can be impaired by improper diet, abuse of alcohol and other poisons (including drugs), penetration of a viral infection. The pains of the liver in the right side seize the lower abdomen and deliver a lot of torment with their debilitating, aching attacks.

Special attention should be paid to the intolerable surrounding pain in the right side, affecting the lower abdomen. It can signal acute inflammation of appendicitis, which can cause abdominal peritonitis.

Pain in women

Diagram of the structure of the spine in women before pregnancy and during.

Pregnancy is one of the many reasons due to which shingles pain in the lower back occurs in women. It occurs due to an increase in the load on the spine due to an increase in the weight of the fetus.

At the same time, the expectant mother is forced to bend her back (deviate backwards) in order not to lose balance when walking. The situation is worsened by the production of hormones that should help the birth of a child.

The position of the fetus also presses the expectant mother on the sciatic nerves, which causes pain.

Pain syndromes cause endometriosis and endometritis, the formation of tumors in the uterus, as well as ovarian cysts. In some women, such pains occur during menstruation.

Pain in men

The aching back pain causes men much more stress than women. This is because such pain can cause sexual weakness (the main cause) and severe pain when urinating.

Stream when urinating becomes weak, and the process itself is associated with strong cutting.

Shingles severe back pain: why and what to do

There are several types of pain, signaling of a particular disease. Among them stands out zoster pain, which is especially painful for a person. What this kind of pain is is already clear from the title. With girdling pain, discomfort occurs simultaneously in the abdomen and back, or, for example, in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and chest. Pain can be paroxysmal, short-term or prolonged.They also vary in their intensity.


To reduce the risk of zoster in the lower back, you need to constantly monitor your posture, avoid overweight, try not to lift unbearable weights, beware of infectious diseases.

Good prevention for many diseases - moderate exercise. With the appearance of surrounding pain in the back, lower back, stomach, you can use the means of traditional medicine.

Hot bath, compress, ointment of medicinal plants can significantly reduce pain.

Skin and Neuralgic Causes of Pain

Shingles back pain can occur for two main reasons: due to skin diseases or diseases of the internal organs. Possible internal causes of girdling pain can be:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • pathology of the musculoskeletal system,
  • gynecological diseases.

With skin lesions, severe itching and burning in the back and abdomen may occur due to the defeat of the body by a virus that causes shingles. Deprive is not a fungal disease, but a type of herpes. The disease has been provoked by the varicella-zoster virus, which can be present in the human body for decades. The virus lives in the nerve cells.

Under favorable conditions, the virus is activated and leaves the nerve cell and moves along the axons (its processes). Having reached the nerve ending, the virus provokes a skin infection of that part of the skin for which this nerve is “responsible”. Deprive symmetrically affects different parts of the body and can appear on the back and abdomen.

The onset of the disease is very acute. Symptoms such as fever, chills, itching and burning on the skin. At first, pink spots appear, which after a day turn into numerous painful blisters. The disease can last for 2-4 weeks. Then the bubbles dry, crusts form on their surface. Over time, the crusts disappear, and pale pigmentation remains in their place.

Pain can be very intense and worse when moving, changing temperatures or when touched. Sometimes the disease becomes neuralgic. There is no rash, but severe pains are present. Itching and burning can accompany a person even after the disappearance of the rash, for many months and years. Such a skin lesion causes a decrease in immunity.

Treatment of herpes zoster is in taking drugs that prevent the reproduction of the virus (for example, acyclovir). Also included in therapy are pain medications.

Expert advice

A woman's lower abdomen hurts more often than a man. This is due to a different anatomical structure. In the female body, the peritoneal cavity is open, as it connects to the external environment through the fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina. That is why the infection outside can easily get into her body.

Women need to be more careful about their personal hygiene to reduce the risk of sharp pain in the lower abdomen. The man has no connection to the peritoneal cavity with the outside world. Therefore, most of his problems are associated with the prostate gland, which becomes vulnerable in older age.

In this case, it is recommended to take a PSA test regularly.

Internal Diseases and Shingles

Pain in the back and abdomen, as a rule, appears at the site of the affected organ, but can also spread to other areas and have a shingles character. Pain can occur due to such diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as cholecystitis (disruption in the gallbladder), pancreatitis (pancreatic disease), ulcers, etc. Shingles pain signals a sharp change in the functioning of the organ.In addition to unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, bitterness in the mouth, nausea, gastrointestinal disorders, as well as fever, fever and weakness may also occur.

With such symptoms, urgent medical care is needed, since the disease can even be fatal (for example, if an inflamed appendix ruptures). Diagnosis requires blood, urine and feces, hardware diagnostics of ultrasound and gastroscopy. Shingles are relieved with analgesics.

In some cases, herpes pain indicates the presence of pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

The pain may occur with heart attack, aneurysm, aortic abnormalities, pleurisy. When inflammation of the pleura (the film that surrounds the lungs) begins, fluid accumulates in the lungs, making breathing difficult, causing shortness of breath, coughing and a feeling of heaviness.

The cause of the discomfort can be muscle strain or inflammation.

This happens if the discomfort occurs in the back and is given to the chest. Because of the uncomfortable posture, the muscles are constantly under stress and can spasm. Under the skin, even hard muscles can be felt.

Circular back pain or abdominal pain may also occur due to pinching of the nerve root, not associated with the activity of the virus.

Pinching can occur due to diseases of the spine (chondrosis, osteochondrosis, disc instability). In degenerative diseases of the spinal cartilage tissue, the distance between the vertebrae is reduced, and the vertebra puts pressure on the nerve. Pain in the back and abdomen can be intense and worse when turning and bending, as well as coughing and even breathing.

In no case, in case of acute pain in the abdomen or back, take tablets alone or apply heat to the sore spot.

Causes of Shingles Backache

The human body is designed in such a way that many diseases are difficult to diagnose. The same manifestations of various pathological processes baffle not only the patient, but also the doctor.

Shingles pain in the back is a symptom that occurs in people of different ages and professions. The causes of this condition are not always easy to recognize, since they include diseases of various organs and systems.

How to identify the causes of pain? Which specialist should contact? What research should be done?

Since the surrounding pain is not a specific symptom, it is necessary to identify the possible causes of its occurrence.

Diseases that can lead to similar symptoms:

  1. Spinal osteochondrosis in the thoracic and lumbar spine.
  2. Heart diseases - stenocardia, myocardial infarction, myocarditis.
  3. Peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  4. Acute and chronic pancreatitis in the acute phase.
  5. Exacerbations of chronic cholecystitis.
  6. Renal colic.
  7. Pulmonary diseases - pleurisy, pneumonia.
  8. Inflammatory diseases of the female genital organs.

All these pathological conditions are treated by doctors of various specialties. To determine what is characteristic characteristic zoster pain, you need to know the main symptoms of each of these diseases.


Girdle pain in the lower back in most cases is associated with a common pathology of the musculoskeletal system - osteochondrosis. This disease leads to degeneration of intervertebral cartilage, compression of nerve roots and the formation of pain syndrome.

Osteochondrosis can affect the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. The most characteristic occurrence of surrounding pain for the localization process in the thoracic region. Involvement of the nerve root in the process leads to intercostal neuralgia - this condition is manifested by lumbago from the spine along the rib, has a surrounding character.

This symptom in osteochondrosis is accompanied by other signs and data history:

  1. Indication of injuries, spinal diseases in the past.
  2. Symptom increases with the load on the back, with the lifting of gravity.
  3. With the involvement of the lumbar, shooting in the leg may be observed.
  4. Violation of skin sensitivity.
  5. The pain passes in rest, is eliminated by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The neurologist will help to confirm the diagnosis of osteochondrosis, as well as instrumental methods of examination: spinal X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Heart disease

Shingles in rare cases can occur with heart disease. Ischemic heart disease - angina and heart attack - are fairly characteristic signs of pain:

  • Usually it occurs behind the sternum, gives to the left hand and shoulder blade.
  • Wears a burning, oppressive, constricting character.
  • Increased during physical and emotional stress.
  • Eliminated at rest and while taking nitroglycerin.

In rare cases, there is a so-called atypical angina. In this state, the pain has an uncharacteristic localization and may even be shingles.

Additional signs of illness:

  1. The presence of hypertension.
  2. Other heart diseases.
  3. Elevated cholesterol, glucose, obesity.
  4. Heart rhythm disorders.

Another cause of heart pain is myocarditis. This disease is characterized by inflammation of the muscular layer of the body, often associated with the infection.

Peptic ulcer

If the surrounding pain is localized in the upper abdomen, you should think about diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Among them, a special place is occupied by gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

This pathology can lead to serious complications: bleeding, organ perforation, peritonitis.

To prevent these effects and detect the disease as early as possible, the disease should be suspected by the following symptoms:

  • Pain occurs within 1–2 hours after ingestion when the ulcer is localized in the stomach and 3–4 hours later if it is in the duodenum.
  • Characterized by a feeling of heartburn, heaviness after eating.
  • Symptoms are relieved by taking antacids or proton pump inhibitors.

In order to confirm the presence of an ulcer, they are contrasting the stomach, followed by radiography or FGDS. The gastroenterologist deals with the treatment of the disease, and if there are complications, surgical intervention is required.


Another disease of the gastrointestinal tract that can cause the appearance of surrounding pain is pancreatitis. This disease is associated with inflammation in the pancreas. It can be acute and chronic.

Exacerbation of pancreatitis is characterized by the appearance of the following symptoms:

  • Shingles pain of varying intensity in the upper abdomen.
  • Symptoms occur after ingestion of fatty, fried, rich foods, alcohol.
  • Diarrhea, fatty stools.
  • Disruption of the digestive process with the development of hypovitaminosis, electrolyte disorders.

Diagnosis consists in the study of the enzymatic activity of the gland, an ultrasound examination, an analysis of feces and an increase in the enzyme amylase in a biochemical blood test.


Less commonly, circulating pain manifests cholecystitis, an inflammation of the gallbladder. This organ collects the bile, which is produced in the liver, gradually it goes into the lumen of the intestine, where it participates in the digestion of food.

Inflammation of the gallbladder wall is most often associated with the presence of stones in it. Gallstones can completely fill the organ, causing inflammation and sharp pain.

Usually there is pain in the right hypochondrium, under the liver, but sometimes the pain can be shingles. If the stone from the bladder enters the biliary tract, it can close the lumen of the exit ducts of the pancreas, which will lead to secondary pancreatitis.

Detect stones, thickened wall of the body can be on ultrasound. Less frequently, x-rays are performed with contrasting bile ducts.

Renal colic

Shingles pain is a fairly characteristic sign of renal colic. This condition is associated with obstruction of the ureter stone. As a result, pressure inside the urinary system rises and sharp pain occurs.

Signs of renal colic:

  • The pain is intense, intolerable.
  • Most often one-sided.
  • Possible appearance of blood in the urine.
  • General symptoms in the form of weakness, malaise, loss of efficiency.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Retention of urine or a small amount.

Such symptoms usually go unnoticed by patients who call an ambulance. The patient is sent to the urology department. The urologist confirms the diagnosis using urine analysis, ultrasound, urography.

Pulmonary diseases

The appearance of back pain in the chest can be associated with pulmonary pathology. With bilateral lesions of the lungs, the pain will be shingles.

Causes of the symptom of the respiratory system:

  1. Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lung tissue caused by bacteria.
  2. Pleurisy - inflammation of the pleura - the shell around the lungs.
  3. Tuberculosis at the stage of decay.
  4. Tumors of the lungs.

These conditions are accompanied by other characteristic symptoms:

  • Temperature rise.
  • Cough, sputum discharge.
  • Hemoptysis.
  • Dyspnea.
  • Weakness, malaise.

To confirm the defeat of the lungs allows chest radiography. The listed diseases are cured by pulmonologists and phthisiologists.

Diseases of the female genital organs

Pain in the lower back may be associated with damage to the pelvic organs. These conditions occur in women and are associated with the development of pathology in the area of ​​the uterus and its appendages.

Shingles pain in the back is particularly characteristic of bilateral adnexitis (inflammation of the uterus). This condition requires the appointment of antibiotics, and sometimes surgery.

Gynecologists are engaged in the treatment of such diseases. To confirm the diagnosis, they will conduct a pelvic exam, pelvic ultrasound, laparoscopy or hysteroscopy.

Back pains and where they come from

This pain appears in the case when there is a disease, even if it is not so dangerous. Usually, pain occurs in the area of ​​the spinal cord that is closest to the organ, which, in fact, this very disease suffers.

In this case, back pain retains all those symptoms and signs that are inherent in a particular disease. For example, if your back hurts with an ulcer, then it usually appears after one or two hours after eating and has the same character as the pain of the stomach and duodenum.

Back pain can be caused not only by an ulcer, but also by other diseases. In particular, it may be a tumor of the stomach or of the same duodenum.

Shingles pain in the lower back, when it is observed more often in the upper region, may be due to acute or chronic pancreatitis. It can also occur with intestinal problems, various types of colitis and enteritis. This kind of pain is usually characterized by increased gas and rumbling in the stomach. It is also possible to change the usual chair, its color, etc.

When it hurts in the back due to the liver, the usual localization is the right hypochondrium. This pain can be so severe that sometimes it seems to the patient that his entire back hurts. This is perhaps what can be compared with pain in appendicitis, so everything looks like.

Herpes zoster is the next common disease that can cause back pain. Such pains are accompanied by rashes throughout the site.

As for the disease of the peripheral nervous system, in this case it is the only reason when the pain begins.

In any case, when herpes pain begins in the list, you should immediately consult a doctor.

In order to effectively cure such pains, it is natural to determine the cause and prescribe the appropriate treatment. For example, if pain is associated with a disease of the lumbosacral spine, then they can be cured only by following the rules for treating osteochondrosis. And of course, you should definitely undergo osteopathic therapy.

If back pain is associated with problems in the GI tract, then it is necessary to undergo a course of gastroenterological treatment.

In women, back pain can be associated, in particular, with the menstrual cycle. In this case, pain necessarily give in the limbs: legs and arms. As a rule, after the cessation of hemorrhage, the pain disappears. If they do not pass and are too strong, and also not only give in the extremities, but also cause numbness, an urgent hospitalization of the patient is required.

The causes of back pain are mass, and the treatment is almost always associated with them. If it hurts in the lower back, this indicates a problem of the skeletal system, in particular, about the disease of intervertebral discs.

If the pains are located in the upper back, this may indicate aortic, chest, or spinal inflammation disorders.

Why does the spine assume the function of testifying to abnormalities in the body? Doctors believe that the whole thing is in the structure of the spine, which makes the back so susceptible to pain.

As is known, the human spine consists of 33 vertebrae, which are separated by cartilage. It is these cartilages called intervertebral discs.

In this case, the disk is always surrounded by nerves, muscles and ligaments.

When a person puts an unbearable and excessive load on the spine, or when an unsuccessful and sudden movement occurs, all this can cause severe pain in the back.

If pain is associated with physical exertion, then treatment in this case is implied, basically, akin to traditional medicine. These are ointments, creams and various oils that are rubbed into the back muscles.

Below is a list of the main reasons for which back pain may begin:

  • bad posture
  • overweight
  • load on the spine and constant weight lifting
  • various diseases, including infectious

If the pain is not caused by an organ disease or infection, then an ideal remedy for pain will be moderate physical activity. In addition, a hot bath or compress can significantly reduce pain, although this method is best taken only in the first two days. Pills for pain relief will also help.

As for sleep: in order not to wake up in the middle of the night with severe back pain, it is recommended to put a pillow under your knees, or place it between your knees. After the pain disappears, you should return to its original position.

A set of exercises to help relieve back pain:

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW! The only remedy for arthritis, arthritis and osteochondrosis, as well as other diseases of the joints and the musculoskeletal system, recommended by doctors!

List of reasons

It would not be superfluous to state the reasons for the occurrence of spinal pains around the list or table, since they are diverse and numerous. In the first place, of course, diseases of the spine. But the list of vertebral pathologies is far from exhausted.

Table. Causes of Girdle Pain in the back.

Pain in the lower back of any nature is a symptom. It is necessary to react to it, it must be removed, at the same time figuring out what caused the pain. To get rid of a symptom, you need to cure the disease that caused it.In order to detect the disease in time and deal with its effective treatment, it is necessary to know how the backache hurts in certain diseases and what should be done.

Spinal pathologies

The lumbar and sacral spine area is not the most fortified “frontier” against the occurrence of pathologies. In the lower back there are no ribs, but in the mobility the loin can yield only to the cervical zone. The load on this part of the spine falls maximum. As a result, lumbar vertebrae affect various diseases.

Etiology - inflammatory processes that are formed in the spinal roots. Shingles lumbar pain is the first and surest sign that the patient has radiculitis. Pain penetrating and deep. If inadvertently turning the case, it can “wedge” in pain so that it will not turn back.

Council When radiculitis is necessary to contact the therapist, who will diagnose and prescribe treatment, and in difficult cases, refer to a neurologist.

The disease is diagnosed by visual inspection, palpation, radiography and computed tomography.

Treatment consists of taking medication prescribed by a doctor, conducting a course of massage, exercise therapy, and physiotherapy. Additionally, traditional medicine, hirudotherapy, acupuncture and the wearing of orthopedic devices can be used.

When scoliosis is known, the spine is curved. It would seem that the top of the back should hurt, but this is a general delusion, since everyone is used to understand his chest form as scoliosis, which is expressed in the deviation of the shoulder blades. And there is scoliosis and cervical, and thoracic, and lumbar, and even mixed, exciting several departments at once. And if the spine is curved in the lower part, the pain will steadily "spread" on the lower back, accompanied by a pressing and aching effect.

Council To understand that pain arose precisely because of scoliosis is not easy at the initial stage, since visually the curvature is not as clearly visible as in the chest or neck area. But it is worth contacting an orthopedist or a spine, and the diagnosis will be made exactly.

In order to diagnose lumbar scoliosis and establish its degree, the doctor will refer the patient to an X-ray, and in case of complications, prescribe magnetic resonance imaging.

To get rid of pain, the doctor will prescribe painkillers, but in order for her not to return, it is necessary to correct the spinal defect. Perhaps this can be achieved by physical therapy, massage and physiotherapy, or you may need surgery. It all depends on how quickly the patient reacts to the pain, comes to the doctor and starts treatment.


Actually, this is not a disease, but a process of the cecum, which from time to time, for unknown reasons, becomes inflamed and leads to major problems if inflammation is not removed in time. One of the symptoms of inflammation of the appendix is ​​shinging pain in the lower back.

  • temperature rise,
  • nausea without vomiting
  • weakness and apathy,
  • upset stool.

Tip! If the appendix is ​​inflamed, usually at this stage the therapist is no longer treated, since only a surgeon can help. For severe pain, call an ambulance.

Diagnosis, as with cholecystitis. And treatment is almost always with aggravation one - appendectomy.

With inflammation of the small intestinal mucosa, the pain can also be encircling and be felt in the lumbar region. The pain starts around the navel, radiating to the lower back. There are many other symptoms:

  • the temperature rises greatly
  • nausea ends in vomiting
  • loose stools
  • capacity reduced
  • dehydration occurs.

Council You should contact a gastroenterologist or call an ambulance to relieve fever and pain.

For the diagnosis use a lot of research, including x-rays, endoscopy, MRI, blood biochemistry. To cure enteritis, you need a diet and probiotics.

Erosive formations in the intestines and stomach can also give pain in the lumbar region. In addition, there will be nausea, impaired stool and many other signs with which you need to go to a gastroenterologist.

Important! Also, pain in the entire back can cause tumors of the digestive tract, especially malignant.


Since this is not a disease, it is worth paying attention to this phenomenon in connection with hernia lumbar pains only to the extent that they appear. When the fetus is growing and growing heavy, the load on the spine increases, and pain is felt in the lumbosacral region. Also, pregnant women may have problems with the kidneys, which will also respond to painful sensations in the lower back.

Council You need to contact a gynecologist, who, if necessary, will schedule an examination or refer you to a highly specialized doctor.

Also, back pain can cause many women's diseases, such as fibroids. Do not ignore pain, which is always a symptom. It may not always be a symptom of a serious illness, but only a doctor can find out.

If you want to know in more detail what to do if your back hurts in the back, as well as to consider the causes and methods of treatment, you can read an article about it on our portal.

Causes of pain in women in the back

An attack of aching or shooting back pain can happen in every woman. For the manifestation of this symptom, there can be many reasons, ranging from prolonged sitting in a sitting position, movement in high heels, and ending with complex gynecological diseases.

Causes of lumbar aching pain

Severe pain in women in the lumbar region are divided into:

  1. Primary category.
  2. Secondary category.

The primary type includes sensations of unpleasant properties, which speak of spinal ailment, changes in the joints, intervertebral discs and muscles.

I have been treating the back and spine for many years. I can say with confidence that almost any back disease can always be treated, even in the deepest old age.

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Most often they occur in women with a sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work. Aching pain in the lumbar spine can also be caused by damage to the vertebral body, pinched nerve, or as a result of exposure to an inflammatory focus in the dorsal muscles.

The secondary category of aching back pain in women occurs during pregnancy, due to excessive load on the spine and the displacement of the center of gravity, because the muscular-ligamentous device relaxes under the influence of hormonal failure. It is important to understand that the time to delivery becomes closer, the more intense the lower back will hurt.

Another cause of concern for the lower back is the time of menstruation. It happens due to the influence of hormones. fluid accumulation and enhanced uterine contraction.

If a woman has especially significant gynecological diseases, for example, endometriosis, genital infection, ectopic pregnancy, myoma or adnexitis. then the aching pain of the dull character of the lumbar localization can be a symptom.

Shingles and stabbing pain in the lower back

In addition to the whining kind, there are such types of pain as:

Painful sensations in the lower back are similar to compression of the body around the circumference of the lumbar spine with a wide belt. This symptom indicates the presence of inflammatory process in the pancreas (pancreatitis), appendicitis, diseases of the internal organs with an expanded perimeter of the nerve processes.

Be careful!

Before I read on, I want to warn you. Most funds "treating" back, which advertise on TV and sell in pharmacies - this is a solid divorce. At first it may seem that the cream and ointment help, but in reality they only remove the symptoms of the disease.

In simple words, you buy the usual anesthetic, and the disease continues to develop into a more difficult stage.

Common joint pain may be a symptom of more serious illnesses:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Osteomyelitis - bone inflammation,
  • Seps - blood poisoning,
  • Violation of the pelvic organs,
  • In severe cases, paralysis of the arms and legs.

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Only in rare cases, this type of pain is evidence of spinal disease.

The piercing, acute pain in the lumbar region of a woman has a name - lumbago. Lumbago is a consequence of inflammation of one single nerve, originating from the lumbar muscles, as well as with pinching of a nerve or intervertebral hernia.

Determination of incriminating factors

Depending on specific indicators You can understand what causes pain in women in the lumbar region.

  • Pain in the morning.
  • Pain when walking.
  • Pain in a sitting position.

If back pain occurs in the morning, then there is reason to think about the spine, because of the likelihood of the presence of scoliosis, a fracture or tumor of the spine, or in case of a malfunction in the blood circulation of the spinal cord.

Also, due to imbalance feeding of tissues, osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis (affects intervertebral joints and vertebrae themselves).

At the same time, morning pain can cause an infectious disease - tuberculosis, epidural abscess and other serious infections.

When the painful sensations in women sometimes occur in conditions of prolonged walking, then you should not panic, because this phenomenon comes from excessive exertion. But if the symptom manifests itself often, you need to visit the doctor, because of the possible presence of ailments like:

  • Diabetes.
  • Spondylolisthesis.
  • Radiculitis of the lumbosacral.

In diabetes mellitus, severe pain is formed due to a decrease in the nutrition of the cells of the joints and frequent hyper - training. Because the whole body weight is shifted to the back, causing the body to malfunction and disease.

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Spondylolisthesis is characterized by a shift to the left or right side of one of the vertebrae, with a corresponding loss of stability.

Sciatica of the lumbosacral region occurs from clamping the nerve process of the spinal cord, forming an inflammatory process. At the same time, severe pain becomes more intense during inclinations and sharp movements.

If a person experiences pain in a sitting position, then this indicates a developing osteochondrosis affecting the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

It may happen that discomfort is associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system. due to long heels, standing or sitting.

Also, severe back pain may manifest from incorrect posture, when the shoulders are moved backwards, the stomach comes forward, under the action of which the spine is forced to arch.

Together with these causes of back pain, obesity can be caused due to excessive pressure of excess body weight on the lower limbs and lumbar region.

Required examination of women

The representative of the fair sex can only guess about the probable diseases that serve as causes of back pain. Therefore, it is better not to self-medicate and consult a doctor who will reveal the true basis of concern.

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Would need get diagnosed for the following doctors:

The first step is to contact a therapist who will perform a visual inspection with palpation of problem areas and give a recommendation to which narrow specialist to contact.

Starting the examination, the gynecologist makes an internal examination of the women through the vagina, then prescribes a pelvic ultrasound, after which a diagnosis is made with the presence of grounds.

A referral to a neurologist is issued in the event of a spinal cord disease, and in the presence of evidence, it will be recommended to perform a diagnosis using a computer or magnetic resonance imaging spinal lumbar localization.

The therapist can write a referral to a nephrologist. if the patient has a history of kidney disease or there is confidence in their occurrence. A nephrologist, like other doctors, prescribes a hardware diagnostic by connecting laboratory tests of blood and urine.

Upon completion of the examination, taking into account all the results and the condition of the woman, the attending physician will determine the only correct method of treatment.

Rapid elimination of pain syndrome

To perform a special exercise, consider the following:

  1. The surface must be firm and level.
  2. The back should be in any position straight.
  3. Do not make sudden movements.
  4. You can not hurry.

To relieve back pain can be as follows. Is required lie on the floor. into a position where the pain begins to recede. Lie in this position for a few minutes until the pain completely subsides.

Then you need to gently roll on his back, putting his legs on a tall object so that the torso with hips is set at a right angle. Because it is in this position that the load on the spinal column is lightened.

After the exercise, you need to stand up with caution, first turning on its side, get on all fours, moving to your knees, holding onto the object of support.

Further, it is important to drink a pain reliever, with anti-inflammatory action, and turn into a special belt. It can be replaced with a towel or scarf.

Pregnant women to get rid of back pain should put on a special bandage (prenatal).

Treatment with medical and folk remedies

Usually the attending physician prescribes women during lower back pain. standard treatment .

This includes:

  • Anesthesia.
  • Medication.
  • Physio and manual therapy.
  • Special massage.
  • Electrophoresis.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Exercise therapy.
  • Hirudotherapy.

In addition, medical techniques can be used in the treatment of salt compress.

To obtain the necessary solution, you will need to dilute 100 g of salt in a liter of hot water. Then wet it with gauze and attach to the lower back for the night .

Also as a folk remedy you can use a mix of horseradish, potatoes and honey. The mixture should be lubricated with a place of inflammation and cover with polyethylene.

To help strengthen the spinal muscles should be connected walking in the water, swimming, aerobic exercise elements, cycling, running and long walks on foot.

Samoilov Kirill Romanovich

Surrounding back pain: causes

Shingles during pregnancy

Girdle pains primarily plague women during pregnancy. They are almost constant with the same intensity throughout the day. Many gynecological pathologies, such as endometritis, benign and malignant tumors, endometriosis, large cystic cavities, give a circular pain.

Herpes zoster is a disease that generates shingles pain. Moreover, this symptom may be the only one in the symptomatic picture of the disease.

The digestive organs, such as the pancreas and the gallbladder, are capable of producing acute pain syndrome, giving circular pains in the lumbar region during inflammation. In acute cholecystitis, the pain syndrome is very intense and it seems that the pain has spread not only under the right hypochondrium, but also is felt by a ring in the back.

Generate pain attacks can and peptic ulcer, less stomach. The pain of a gastric ulcer is somewhat higher than that of ulceration of the intestinal mucosa.

Acute myocardial infarction, as well as pulmonary pathology, rarely manifests atypical symptoms. This is very difficult to correct the diagnosis, because you should go through all the designated diagnostic procedures.

Kidney Diseases and Shingles

Lower back pain for kidney disease.

According to statistics, diseases of the kidneys and urinary system are becoming more common, because if you have pain in the lumbar region, you should immediately visit a urologist, who may be suspected:

  • glomerulonephritis,
  • urolithiasis,
  • inflammation of the ureters,
  • tumor processes
  • renal colic, which in diagnosis is often confused with myositis, radiculitis,
  • nephroptosis.

In case of problems with the urinary system and kidneys, frequent urination joins the surrounding pain in the lower back, the urine color changes, the pain is paroxysmal.

Shingles pain: treatment

Treatment of pain syndrome should begin only after a detailed examination and preparation of a treatment plan. The main focus is on drug treatment, taking into account the identified causes.

If the pathology of the organ giving the filmed pain is revealed, then the treatment is started with it. If herpes pain syndrome is of medium or strong intensity, then painkillers are prescribed.

Painkillers can be taken in the form of injections, tablets, ointments. If the pain is unbearable, it is not stopped for a long time, then a blockage with low doses of anesthetics with prednisone is indicated. Make it in the inter-articular gap or in the trigger points in the muscles. Trigger points are the most painful areas of muscle fibers.

Corsets in the treatment of shingles

The use of a corset in shingles

The lumbosacral corset, if worn before the pain subsides, will help limit movement in the diseased spine. In some cases, functional rest of the spinal column is the main condition for a speedy recovery. Today, corsets are made of various fabrics that are distinguished by their practicality.

The designs of corsets are universal, because they are regulated by almost any size of the human body. Many models have magnetic inserts, because it has long been noted that magnetic fields have a beneficial effect on the affected spine. Corsets effectively relieve the spinal column by redistributing the load. Posture becomes slimmer, and the discomfort slowly goes away.


Acupuncture for pain relief has been used for a long time. Influencing biologically active points, it is possible to activate natural forces of an organism. Nerve tissue quickly regains its ability to conduct impulses, which does not date the muscle fibers to atrophy.

Acupuncture improves blood circulation. A rush of blood to the inflamed organ removes congestion in the affected organ, improves tissue trophism, reduces the appearance of inflammation.

Other therapeutic measures

Massage, manual therapy, kinesitherapy, therapeutic exercise removes muscle spasm, helps to fill blood vessels and improve metabolic processes. The spinal muscular-ligamentous apparatus is restored more quickly, which prevents the formation of new pathologies.

Only a comprehensive treatment in tandem with the correct diagnosis will save you from discomfort in the lumbar region, which is shingles.

Pain in the back and abdomen, surrounding pains and their cause

When the surrounding pain in the back and abdomen should urgently visit a doctor. Such sensations can be caused by serious causes - the disease of any of the internal organs. To identify the exact cause, a thorough examination is prescribed so that the doctor determines the required treatment. Below is a part of possible pathologies that may be associated with surrounding pain in the abdomen and lower back.

Sometimes the entire body is encircled with girdle. Such pain can be caused by peptic ulcer or chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis. In rare cases, such pain suggests that myocardial infarction begins. The most common causes of this pain include problems with the pancreas. When they have a patient begins bloating, meteorism, digestive upset may begin, sometimes it comes to vomiting. Each meal is accompanied by increased pain, and at night the pain intensifies too.

If a malfunction of the gallbladder has occurred, the appearance of severe pain, especially in the sacrum and subsurface, may be accompanied by intestinal spasms and the appearance of a runny nose. Sometimes the patient's hearing deteriorates, dizziness begins.

When acute pain begins at the top of the abdomen, especially if it begins to give under the scapula or in the back, the doctor should be contacted immediately. Such pains indicate that you have perforated stomach ulcers.

With the formation of gallstones, hepatic colic may begin. Such a disease can be caused by both prolonged physical exertion and unbalanced nutrition. The pain begins under the ribs to the right and quickly becomes sharp, with recoil in the shoulder or collarbone. Strengthening it is observed with strong breaths of air. At the same time, fever and nausea begin.

In inflammatory processes in the kidneys, pain also appears, which first appears in the lower abdomen somewhat closer to the side and, gradually increasing, begins to give back. The temperature in such cases can also increase, a person is shaky, sick, sometimes vomiting begins. Urge to urinate becomes quite frequent. If there are stones in the kidneys, the back and the pubic area begin to hurt. When the stone begins to go along the urinary duct, the pain becomes hellish.

With the localization of kidney stones, the pain becomes dull and constant. But such pain can cause serious gynecological diseases.

P. S. As you can see, it is often impossible to determine the cause of this kind of pain without visiting a doctor. The best option is to visit the attending physician before it gets worse.

Causes of abdominal pain

To begin with, let's find out all the existing causes of girdling pain in the abdomen and under the ribs. So, the pathological mechanism starts long before the moment when you feel pain and discomfort. The mechanism for this is as follows:

  • in the affected area of ​​the abdominal organs, muscle tissue, or the exit of the nerve endings of the spinal column, destruction begins to develop,
  • disturbed normal blood flow,
  • there is stagnation of fluid, there is an exudate of intercellular fluid,
  • pathogenic microflora begins to actively develop in stagnant cavities with fluid,
  • inflammation occurs, which provokes massive tissue swelling,
  • due to puffiness, the nerve endings are compressed,
  • SOS signal is transmitted to the brain, asking for help.

In this way, you begin to feel any pain syndrome. As you can see, the pathological mechanism at the time of the onset of pain is already in an advanced stage. It is possible to interrupt this pathological chain only if the treatment is adequately prescribed. Painkillers in this case can play a cruel joke, not allowing a qualified doctor to see the symptoms of a terrible disease in a timely manner.

Therefore, until seeking medical attention for any surrounding abdominal pains, no medication that relieves pain can be taken.

What triggers back pain

During the preliminary diagnosis of the disease should be borne in mind that herpes pain in the lower back can be triggered:

  • osteochondrosis of the thoracic and lumbar spine,
  • pyelonephritis in the acute stage,
  • herniated intervertebral discs,
  • rheumatism
  • spinal tuberculosis.

All these diseases have a clear clinical picture. In particular, if during palpation of the spinal column there is a feeling of tension or pain, then, most likely, pain syndrome is associated with problems of the back. In case of pyelonephritis, girdle pain in the back is accompanied by fever, positive Pasternack syndrome.

What is dangerous shingles under the ribs

Shingles under the ribs may be dangerous due to an unclear clinical picture. Very often behind this lies:

  1. aneurysm of the lower aorta,
  2. acute myocardial infarction,
  3. breaks the esophagus,
  4. acute pancreatitis,
  5. an attack of gallstone disease.

All of these conditions require immediate medical attention and are considered to be life threatening. Therefore, at the first signs of the appearance of shingles, consult a doctor. An experienced specialist will be able to determine the cause of this condition and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What kind of doctor to contact with herpes pain

For any surrounding pain, you should initially contact a general practitioner. Then, depending on the clinical picture and the data of the visual examination, you may be assigned to an examination by a gastroenterologist, a neuropathologist and a dermatologist.

In the event that girdling pain is accompanied by repeated vomiting, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, fever, pains just above the navel, you should immediately contact a surgeon. This condition may indicate an attack of acute pancreatitis or gallstone disease. You may need to be hospitalized in the surgical department and surgery.

What not to do with surrounding pains in the abdomen under the ribs

With herpes pains in the abdomen it is impossible to:

  • warm sore spot
  • take painkillers without a prescription
  • to wrap the body with warm clothes
  • apply cold objects
  • dramatically change the position of the body
  • drink hot sweet tea.

Your best tactic is:

  1. reduction in fluid intake,
  2. the location of the body in a position in which pain is reduced,
  3. ambulance carriage call.

When vomiting should not suppress the gag reflex. With the release of vomitus, the intensity of pain can be reduced by reducing the pressure on the affected internal organs. You can not eat. It is best in the first hours to go on a starvation diet.

Draw conclusions

We conducted an investigation, examined a bunch of materials, and most importantly, we checked most of the remedies for treating the back. The verdict is:

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Remember! There is NOT ANY MEANS that will help you to cure your back if you do not apply a complex treatment: diet, regimen, exercise, etc.

New-fashioned remedies for back and joint pains, which the whole Internet is replete with, also did not produce results. As it turned out - all this is a deception of marketers who earn huge money on the fact that you are led by their advertising.

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