Fast treatment of low back folk remedies

| Folk treatments for lower back pain

Lower back pain acute and penetrating. It can occur spontaneously and as a consequence of severe chronic diseases: osteochondrosis, rheumatism, gynecological diseases in women and urological in men. If you know your diagnosis for sure and regularly suffer from pain, then nature is a great helper in blunting attacks. Treatment with folk methods will help effectively, quickly and without side effects for the body. Here are the best recipes to deal with the problem.

Treatment of lower back pain folk remedies

The causes of back pain can be various factors, but the most common is a large load with weak muscles on the lumbar spine. A sedentary lifestyle, overweight and unhealthy diet also do not contribute to the improvement of the state. While the body is young, it alone copes with this load, but with age, the problem makes itself felt.

However, this should not cause serious unrest. According to doctors, with the right approach to the elimination of this problem, back pain will disappear in 90% of cases.

A good helper in the treatment of the lower back is the chaff. It should be collected in a rag bag (preferably it should be made of natural fabric without dyes). The floor should be boiled in this bag for 20-30 minutes. After, remove, cool slightly and apply as a compress to the sore back. Keep this lotion should be about an hour, so it is better to make several "bags".

Agave juice is an excellent treatment for sore lower back. You should take a bunch of leaves of this plant and squeeze juice from them (you can skip the leaves through a meat grinder and then squeeze the liquid). This juice and should be rubbed the back. But with agave, you should be careful, as its juice burns the skin and if you have it sensitive, then begin rubbing with small doses of juice so as not to burn the skin. If you suffer a burning sensation and do not experience discomfort from agave juice, then the rubbing procedure can be divided and made more intense.

In chronic radiculitis, which returns at intervals, traditional medicine recommends nettle. This rather desperate treatment method has worked well. So, during the active growth of this stinging plant, you should pick a big bunch of nettle and beat the sore back well thoroughly. Burning and pain from nettle disappear along with lower back pain.

Also with radiculitis recommend salt lotions. Approximately 100 grams of salt should be dissolved in a liter of boiling water. This solution should be thoroughly soaked with cheesecloth and apply it hot to the entire lower back. Compress is recommended to do for the next one, having tied up the back with a towel.

The treatment is effective with garlic and lemon. The head of garlic and whole lemon must be ground on a fine grater (you do not need to clean the lemon). The resulting mixture is filled with a liter of warm water, and insist for at least two days. After, filter and drink an infusion of a tablespoon three times a day.

Also effective compress raw potatoes with horseradish. Ingredients should be grated and add a spoonful of honey.

For treatment of the patient's back, it is recommended to put grated horseradish or radish, mix with sour cream. Top must be covered with gauze or paper towel. It is necessary to tie the waist with a woolen scarf or scarf.

For packs with wraps that have a long-playing effect, suitable infusion of elderberry, chamomile, St. John's wort and thyme.

For lower back pain, traditional mustard plaster helps. You can take not only mustard plasters, but also apply mustard mass directly on the sore spot. Mustard compress must be kept for 5 minutes or until a pronounced burning sensation. Consider that all warming compresses on the lower back should be pleasantly warm, and not bring pain.

Lower back pain is relieved with burdock leaves. For a compress you will need to dry them, pour over boiling water and attach to the lower back. On top of the burdock leaves wrapped in a warm woolen scarf and hold a compress for an hour.

Use for the treatment of loins powder bodyaga. It must be diluted with olive oil 1 to 30. Of the acquired ointment is going to make warming compresses. The duration of the exercise is a little less than an hour.

Horse chestnut is considered to be a good ethnic remedy for curing back pain. It is ground to powder and mixed with melted lard and camphor oil. All components are going to take in the same numbers. A narrow layer of this medical mixture is applied to a piece of dark bread and applied to an unhealthy place.

Make cool compresses with garlic. Garlic infusion is mixed with lemon juice and in the acquired mixture soaked cotton cloth. The operation of applying a compress lasts 20 minutes. : then the napkin will have time to warm up to body temperature. After a couple of months, you will certainly feel relieved, once you periodically repeat the function.

The most popular medical tool are compresses from the test. The waist is wrapped with a thick layer of gauze, and a thick (within 2 centimeters) layer of acid dough is applied on top. To carry out the operation is every day before bedtime. The cure rate is 10 days.

It may also be useful to lubricate the sore back with honey. Rub it intensively, impetuously, in order to restore blood circulation, return the muscles tone.

A proven folk remedy that can cope with annoying pain is considered to be alcoholic tincture of eucalyptus or Adam's root. It may be useful to rub the alcohol tincture of burdock. This tool is used for compresses.

To relieve back pain, you can apply new horseradish leaves to the patient's place, wrapping them with a handkerchief. Replace them every day.

Traditional methods of treating pain in tension and otseochondrosis

Pain can be caused by various causes, such as stretching or osteochondrosis. In this case, you should consult your doctor so that he prescribes you the necessary medicines. But for some reason, not all of us like to spend our time in a hospital queue or spend money on medicines that do not always bring results. So if you have a sore back, herbs will solve your problem, saving both time and money. There are many infusions and decoctions that will help you in this case:

Take 45 g of incense and dissolve it in 50 ml of apple cider vinegar. For lower back pain, apply a woolen scarf soaked in this mixture for three days.

Pour one glass of lilac 500 ml of vodka and leave for a week. Rub the obtained lower back painful folk remedy.

Put 20 g of dried flowers and tansy leaves in a thermos. Fill them with ½ liter of boiling water. Infuse tansy for an hour, then add ½ teaspoon salt in the thermos. Use the resulting infusion before bedtime to treat the lower back. After the procedure, it is advisable to lie under a blanket to obtain a greater effect of the medicine.

sift from the shells and pebbles of river or sea sand, then pour it into the frying pan and put it on fire. Place the well-heated sand in a cloth bag and attach it to the lower back. Keep there until the sand has completely cooled. After the treatment, put on something warm or wrap a warm scarf around the sore spot.

Take a radish and chop it finely. If you do not have radish, in extreme cases, you can use horseradish. Apply gruel to the sore back. In the event that you do this procedure to the child, dilute the chopped radish or horseradish with water.

for this folk remedy you need dried mint. Take about 350 g of this plant and fill it with a bucket of water. Put it on fire and boil for 20 minutes. Pour the mint decoction into the bathroom. In the water should be until it is completely cooled. After that, put on warm clothes and lie down under the covers.

for lower back pain, honey can help. Apply it in a thin layer on the sore spot and wrap 1-2 layers of toilet paper. Put some mustard plasters on top (1-2), then wrap with cling film and finally wrap with a warm scarf. This compress should be kept for lumbar treatment for approximately 1.5 hours. But if you have a rather painful sensation, you can remove it a little earlier.

Effective means of treating heat and exercises for lower back pain

In the event of back pain, the first thing to do is to understand when and how it started, otherwise you will forget. In addition, it mainly determines the course of treatment. So, you could bend down, sharply unbend, lift weights, sit in a draft and other similar situations. When you have found the cause, which was obvious, and you do not doubt its correctness, take painkillers, and for the back - warming anti-inflammatory ointments and anti-inflammatory drugs (no-spa, aspirin, analgin).

In case of prolonged severe pain, putting a mustard plaster, which needs to be put somewhere for fifteen minutes on a sore spot, will help, as an alternative you can use a heating pad or a bag of heated salt. Be clearly aware that this is not at all a method of treatment, but only a method of eliminating pain, a kind of “first aid” for your spine.

After a similar incident, give yourself a break from physical work for at least two days. The ideal option would be to spend this time in bed, which has a solid flat surface. The pain gradually subsides, and you can return to your usual lifestyle.

If you “bummed out” in the back while performing physical activities, there is a high probability of a vertebra moving or pinching the nerve. Try spinal-relaxing exercises with the utmost care. These include: stretching on the horizontal bar, squats, "rocking chair", that is, riding on the back, clasping bent knees. Exercises should be performed slowly and only when back pain is very tolerable. If it does not subside, do not hesitate and consult a doctor.

Another way to deal with pain in the spine is to sleep with a pillow between the knees. That is, you will need to try to sleep while pinching a pillow between your knees. The more you hurt, the more you press your knees on the pillow.

Often people, after coping with the pain, completely forget to take further measures. So that she does not come back again, go in for swimming, cycling, or even just walking - these exercises strengthen the back muscles and at the same time do not strain the lower back.

If the pain is long lasting and it is not the first day that hurts your loins, and the methods of self-treatment do not bring much improvement, then the problem is more serious and it means only one thing - you need to turn to specialists. The indications for this can be simple exercises that you cannot perform due to back pain - walking on tiptoe, raising your big toe, lifting both legs alternately or even walking easily. You will be prescribed the necessary treatment based on the research performed, since back pain can be caused not only by muscle weakness. The cause can also be infectious diseases, injuries, malfunctioning of the kidneys or urinary tract, women's diseases.

In this case, neither exercises, nor any other methods of self-treatment will help you, so you will have to get acquainted with a vertebrologist. This doctor's standard tests are tomography and x-rays, so do not be afraid and feel free to contact the experts.

Why the back hurts - causes

The backache hurts for various reasons, ranging from osteochondrosis, scoliosis, impaired spinal circulation to spine microfractures and bone tuberculosis. Sometimes the cause of pain lies not in the hearth of pain, but much deeper, but at the same time it “gives up” to the lower back. Low back pain can be caused by renal colic, intestinal obstruction or infectious gynecological diseases.

Lumbar treatment with compresses

Treatment of lumbar compresses

  • - Crush the radish and horseradish, add sour cream - it will help from the burn. Apply to the problem area the compressive mass, secure with a warm bandage.
  • - Overnight, apply a decoction of thyme, St. John's wort, chamomile, elderberry.
  • - Within 5 minutes, hold a compress of mustard powder, diluted with warm water until thick cream. Make sure that there is no strong burning sensation, but pleasant warmth is felt.
  • - Burdock also helps with this ailment. Dry leaves are steamed and placed in place of pain. Top - warming bandage. The exposure time is 1 hour.
  • - 1 tsp. Bodyagi mix with 30 tsp. olive oil. The resulting ointment warms up very well, if you apply it for 40-50 minutes on the lower back.
  • - This kind of sandwich for the lower back can be made from horse chestnut, camphor oil and melted lard. Chestnut grind, add the remaining components. Everything should be in equal amounts. Make a sandwich on black bread and put on your back, where it hurts.
  • - By doing the next compress regularly, you will quickly feel the improvement. The infusion of garlic and the juice of one lemon are mixed, moistened in the resulting solution with a napkin of cotton and put on the lower back for 20 minutes. This compress brings temporary relief. And if you repeat it for 5-6 days, then it is not far to complete recovery.
  • - Sour dough with a two-centimeter layer on the back, after wrapping it with a napkin. Repeat 10 days at night.
  • - Salt relieves pain very quickly, even with radiculitis. In a liter of hot water pour 100 g of salt. Wet a piece of compress fabric and apply immediately. Secure with a bandage. The procedure is carried out at bedtime, leaving a compress until the morning.

Lumbar treatment with herbal compresses

  • - Grated raw potatoes and chopped horseradish combine in equal quantities. Stir in the resulting mass a large spoonful of honey. Apply on the back, wrap something waterproof and warm. The exposure time is 60 minutes.
  • - Will blow pain and sheet horseradish. If you are caught in the summer in the country, pick the leaves and tie them to the place of pain with a handkerchief. Leave for a day, repeat tomorrow.
  • - Rub washed raw beets on the smallest grater. Depress the resulting mass. We need a cake beet. Combine it with a tablespoon of kerosene. Apply to cotton fabric and apply a compress on skin protected with gauze. Warm it up. Keep up all night. In the morning you will forget about the pain.
  • - If “lumbar lumbago” is regularly visited, take care of the treatment in advance. Take 2 cups of Bishofit, finely chop 40 joints of the home plant with a golden mustache and leave for 14 days. The tool can be used as a rubbing or compresses with it.
  • - Quickly help cope with the pain of the chaff. First, explain what chaff is. This is what remains of the hay when it has bloomed. So, prepare a few bags, tamp them sex and tie. Sacks into a saucepan filled with water, bring to a boil and boil for 5-10 minutes. We take out the bags and put them in a colander so that the glass is water. Cool to the temperature that your body can tolerate and begin to apply alternately for an hour.
  • “If your sciatica is chronic, then nettle will come to the rescue.”Nettle treatment requires courage, but it is worthwhile to dare to use it, because it is very effective. Type nettle in a large bundle. Ask someone close to beat you in the lower back with a nettle broom. Be patient. It will burn very much. But soon the pain of stinging nettle will go away with the lumbar pains.

Lumbar treatment with rubbing

Lumbar treatment by rubbing

  • - Squeeze the juice from the leaves of the agave and rub them sore lower back. You may feel a strong burning sensation, be careful. If there is no irritation, the treatment with agave juice can be continued.
  • - Rub in the lower back water infusion of tansy. 2 tbsp. herbs, half a glass of boiled water, insist in a thermos for 60 minutes. In the finished infusion dissolve a spoonful of salt. Rub the lower back before bedtime.
  • - If in the "Triple" cologne add 2 bottles of 3% iodine and valerian tincture, as well as 5 hot peppers, insist 2 days in a dark glass container. It is better to use before bedtime. You can make a mesh out of this tool, like iodine. At night wrap the sore spot with a warm cloth. Very effective with radiculitis.
  • - The healing effect will bring rubbing tinctures of eucalyptus, burdock on alcohol or Adam's root.
  • - Honey rubbing. These rubbing should be carried out very intensively. This manipulation causes the muscles to tone.

Treatment of lumbar mustard plasters

It may seem strange advice about treatment with mustard plasters. But not everything is so simple. Dissolve furatsilin (1 tablet) in 50 ml of water, add a spoonful of honey. Soak the mustard plasters in the mixture and apply for as long as you can stand. After removing the mustard plasters, apply a thick cream and wrap a sore spot.

Lumbar treatment with tinctures, juices and decoctions

Treatment of lower back tinctures

  • - Lemon and garlic - a great tool for our illness. Grind both ingredients (no need to clear the lemon). Fill with a liter of heated water. After 24 hours, you can be treated for 1 tbsp. l after meals three times a day.
  • - Pour strawberries 5: 1 sugar, mix. Leave on for 5 hours, drain out the juice. Take a tasty medicine before a meal, 100 ml three times a day.
  • - Squeeze the juice from the celery leaves. Drink a tablespoon three times a day.
  • - Pour 1 tsp. lingonberry leaf 300 ml of boiling water. Let stand for 1 hour in a wrapped up state. Take filtered 100 ml before meals 3 times.
  • - 2 pinches of flowers or black elderberry berries insist half an hour in 250 ml of boiling water. To cool. Drink 2 times half a cup before meals. There is another scheme: 5 times a day according to art. a spoon.
  • - Take 1 tbsp. berries or strawberry leaves. Brew in 250 ml of water as tea. After 10 minutes you can drink.
  • - Rhizomes and madder roots dye insist 8 hours in 250 ml of cold water. Strain. Pour the roots again, but with boiling water. After 10 minutes, mix infusions. Helps against joint and lower back pain. Drink 100 ml four times a day.
  • - Tansy in a quantity of art. pour a glass of boiling water. Insist 2 hours in wrapped form. Drink three times before meals.
  • - Drink celery infusion four times a day. 1 tbsp. brew in 500 ml of boiling water. Wrap for 2 hours. Drink filtered before meals thrice a day.
  • - Yarrow (1 tablespoon), infused in 250 ml of boiling water in the wrapped up state for 1 hour, is also very effective for pain in the lower back. Take before meals for 1 st.lozhke.
  • - Lilac not only decorates our streets in spring, but is also good as a medicine. Harvest flowers and buds of the plant, dry them. And the basis for the medicine is ready. Buds and flowers fill in a bottle, pour 500 ml of vodka and leave for 10 days. Take medicine 35 drops three times a day.
    This infusion is good to do compresses or rub the sore spots, heal the heel spur.

Lumbar tincture treatment

  • - Take 350 ml of radish juice and one glass of honey. Mix with 125 ml of vodka. Drink a little glass of money at night.
  • - Make a decoction of the series. 10 g of raw materials pour a glass of boiling water. Twice a day, take 1 large spoon.
  • “Drink burdock infusion three times a day.” Boil 50 grams of burdock leaves 500 ml of boiling water and leave for 5 hours.
  • - Infusion of oats will also help you in the treatment. Boil 1 cup oat in 1000 ml of water until 75% of the water is evaporated. Strainer drink thrice a day.
  • - Every 6 hours, drink 1 spoon of thyme tincture. Boil 10 grams of thyme in 250 ml of boiling water. In half an hour the medicine is ready.
  • - Bark of white cherry in a quantity of 2 spoons to insist two weeks in 250 ml of vodka. Drink 50 ml at night.
  • - Grind barberry root, take 25 g and pour 10 ml of alcohol. Letting it brew until the color appears. 40 drops of a product with breaks of 8 hours will ease your condition.
  • - To prepare a decoction of juniper, pound the berries, measure 1 tbsp. and bring to the boil in 250 ml of water. Take up to 4 times.
  • - From the sharp pain well helps decoction, which should be taken 3-4 days. Take on tsp. birch leaves and cranberries. Fill 500 ml of boiling water and continue to heat for 3 minutes. Drink 100 ml three times a day.

Lumbar treatment, Vanga's recipes

The whole world knows about the wonderful gift of healing. She was trusted by great people and commoners. There were skeptics, but time has proven that the recipes of the Bulgarian healer are valid.

Lumbar treatment with Vanga's recipes

  • - Smear thin loin with honey and cover with a paper napkin. On a napkin decompose mustard plasters, then something waterproof and warm with a woolen blanket. The exposure time is 1.5 hours. If it is very hot, remove the compress without waiting for the end of time. Repeat the procedure for 5 days.
  • - A very effective tool will work if you manage to buy gun oil. Prepare a white linen fabric 1x1 meter, moisten it with a gun oil and apply on your back. 3-4 days and you are healthy!
  • - Pinch the sore spot, after smearing it with honey, until honey is absorbed. The procedure is carried out daily until victory over pain.
  • - This recipe for Vanga will help to recover in two days. But the composition of the recipe is not quite normal. Turkish tile stoloch in powder. Add grated incense 20 grams, a spoonful of grape vodka and proteins of three chicken eggs, pre-whipped. Apply the mixture to the linen cloth and lay on your back before going to bed. Leave until the morning. This treatment is very effective. But where can I get Turkish shingles?
  • - 50 g of incense dissolved in the same amount of apple cider vinegar. Moisten a rag and attach to the lower back.
  • - Soak a woolen cloth in refined gasoline. Lay on his back, put a heated copper plate or copper plate on top. But it should be understood that copper should not be too hot, but only to heat the compress and maintain heat. The treatment is designed for 3 daily procedures.

Lumbar treatment with Chinese gymnastics

Lumbar gymnastics treatment

After removing the aggravation, you can do qigong gymnastics. This system is good for pain in the lower back and shoulders, accelerates blood and act as a healthier. Exercises are simple, we advise you to learn them and perform them constantly. Each exercise is repeated 24 times.

  • Standing up straight, stretch your arm forward. With your second hand, start patting the arm from the shoulder to the hand. Slap produce from all sides. Repeat the same with the second hand. Exercise is relaxing and helps to get rid of pain.
  • - Standing upright, pat your left shoulder and back with your right hand, and vice versa.
  • - Points of shen-shu are located immediately above the waist. Knock them into fists with your hands. This exercise will relieve you from the feeling of numbness in the lumbar region.
  • - You can strengthen the sacrum, if you wiggle your body in different directions. Shake hands and swing them back and forth. Also repeat 24 times.

If you do not like taking pills, are afraid of injections, or suddenly lost faith in traditional medicine, then folk remedies, tested for centuries and many generations, will always help out. But, once again we remind you that, before you treat back pain, find out the cause of their occurrence. And if you have not found dangerous diseases like bone tuberculosis, problems with the pancreas or something else, then you can successfully cope with the commonplace sciatica with the help of popular recipes. Health to you and your back!

Compress for back pain

As a rule, the effect of compresses is based on warming of soft tissues. In addition to the heating pharmacy ointments, you can use grated radish or horseradish, mustard powder or ground red pepper. Each of these products has properties that make the muscles warm. In order that the burning effect was not too pronounced, you can prepare a mixture of the original warming component and sour cream.

Hot compresses

Applying herbs such as chamomile, elderberry, St. John's wort, thyme, or burdock leaves will also help relieve pain with a hot compress. The grass is rinsed with boiling water and applied to the lower back, after which it is necessary to warm the back, for example with a woolen scarf.

Rubbing the loin

Emergency pain relief will help rubbing, one of the most popular components of which is considered alcohol (semi-alcohol solution) or vodka, infused with the use of eucalyptus.

The most sophisticated recipe for rubbing is a mixture of one bottle of cologne with the addition of two vials of iodine, two vials of tincture of valerian and several red bitter peppers. Infusion stand for a day, then lubricate the lower back or apply a medicinal mesh.

Warming lumbar

You can forget about back pain with the help of hot sand. Heat the sand, put it in your handbags and lay on them until the moment when the pain does not pass completely.

To relieve the pain also helps brick. Heat the brick, wrap it in a rag and apply it to the waist.

Where do pains come from?

The aching and sharp, long and disappearing in just a couple of minutes - the nature of the pain in the lower back can be different and depend on the cause that provoked it.

For example, the following factors may cause a problem:

  • wrong or monotonous food,
  • hypodynamia,
  • chronic stress
  • excess weight,
  • traumatic injuries
  • infectious and tumor processes,
  • osteoporosis,
  • diseases of the pelvic organs (more for women)
  • hard physical labor
  • sedentary or standing work
  • protrusion or herniated disc
  • chronic or acute muscle spasms,
  • stenosis and sacroiliitis,
  • degenerative processes in the lower back and so on.

Because of the variety of causes of low back pain, it is extremely difficult to independently select an effective treatment. As a rule, attempts are reduced to the purchase of an anesthetic drug, which suppresses unpleasant symptoms, but does not eliminate their source. It turns out that one cannot do without the help of a therapist and a neurologist, although in some cases an orthopedist, a neurologist and other specialists may join them.

Again, it is not always possible for a person to visit a hospital, nor is the desire to take prescribed medications. As medical practice shows, back pains go much faster if you combine unconventional and conventional treatments. And if about the first you better inquire in the clinic, then you can learn about the second right now.

The most common methods of folk therapy

Folk treatment exists as much as mankind itself, therefore it is not surprising that there are a lot of recipes for non-traditional therapy, including to eliminate back pain.

For example, you can take the following of them:

  1. Hot mustard bath. For one such font you need to spend 300 g of mustard powder, and in the water itself, steam out for 20 minutes. Then the lower back is warmed, and you need to recover to sleep. This procedure promotes blood flow to the diseased area, relieving pain and deep warming,
  2. Compresses based on radish or horseradish, grated on a fine grater. Remember that these folk remedies for back pain can cause burns of the skin, and therefore, before their direct application you need to treat your back with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. A compress is done for at least an hour, and even better for the whole night. A similar heating treatment can be done with the use of thyme, burdock, chamomile-colored or hypericum. The main thing - do not forget to warm the application,
  3. Bodyaga is another excellent remedy for back pain, which should be used with extreme caution. The fact is that the abuse of decoction based on this plant can result in severe burns of the back. Because of this, pharmaceutical powder bodyagi always divorced with vegetable oil in the ratio of 1:30,
  4. Compresses from steamed chaff. This treatment begins with the sewing of a canvas bag and filling it with fresh sex. The bag is simmered for half an hour, it cools a little and is applied to the desired part of the back,
  5. To reduce the intensity of lower back pain, it is recommended to apply dry heat - sand calcined in a frying pan or heated salt,
  6. Homemade treatment can be done with the help of grated garlic in the amount of several heads. The finished gruel must be combined with the juice of one lemon, put all this on a rag and tied to the part of the back that hurts. The application changes to a new one after drying,
  7. Enumerating folk remedies for lumbar pain, it would be unfair not to recall the cabbage. You need to take large fresh sheets of this vegetable, smear them with honey and vinegar and attach it to the sore part of the back for an hour.

Recipes for internal use

Treatment of low back pain at home should simultaneously lead to all "Fronts"using folk remedies for both outdoor and indoor use.

The latter include the following:

  1. Tincture of aspen buds and spring adonis, taken from 1 tbsp. and 1 tsp. respectively. For 45 minutes, raw materials are poured over 200 ml of freshly boiled water, filtered and drunk five times a day in a spoon,
  2. Broth rhizomes of parsley. Three tsp. dry root should be filled with 0.5 liters of water and boiled on low heat for 5-7 minutes. The treatment lasts 10 days, and the liquid itself must be drunk twice a day in a spoon,
  3. Walnut tincture prepared from 200 g of crushed walnut shells and a liter of vodka. The drug is infused for a month, and then it is drunk 30 ml three times a day. They need to be treated before the end of the liquid itself,
  4. Mixture of one kilogram of honey and two kilograms of celery, minced. The mixture should stand for two weeks in a glass container in a cool place, and only then you can begin the internal treatment of back pain, taking gruel according to Art. three times a day
  5. Broth from the roots of sorrel. A spoon of raw materials is filled with 300 ml of water, all this boils on a low fire for no longer than 15 minutes, is wrapped and infused for a couple of hours. Pain should subside if you take the remedy three times a day, two tablespoons.

Some more tips

Folk healers recommend applying to the lower back, which hurts, a slurry of fresh and grated ginger root. It must be enriched with olive or any vegetable oil, and only then impose on the sore spot. After thoroughly warming a compress, a person needs to lie down for at least three hours, it is better not to get up all night.

Dry eucalyptus, which is freely available at any pharmacy, is also good for healing back pain. The foliage is poured with boiling water, languishing on the steam bath for about half an hour and the ready decoction is filtered.

Then the lumbar region is rubbed with the same liquid, after which they are warmed and lay down for several hours.

Onion ointment is another remedy that I would like to talk about last. It is prepared from 10 medium onions, crushed and roasted on a glass of vegetable oil. In the process of frying in the pan need to put another slice of beeswax.

After the onions are reddened, the entire contents of the pan should be drained and the resulting slurry rubbed lumbar.

The grinding procedure should be repeated three times in one set, and after soaking up the last layer, it is necessary to warm and lie down.

Back pain is always an alarming symptom, ignoring of which can be fraught with serious consequences.

Violation of posture, chronic pathology of the spine - this is only part of the consequences of negligent attitude to your health Think about it when you once again get up from the computer desk with difficulty.


Mankind has been familiar with lumbar pain for a very long time, and just as long ago has been looking for methods of dealing with them. Many popular recipes are tested by time and are not inferior in efficiency to medicinal means and physiotherapeutic procedures, and from a financial point of view it is much more accessible.

Alternative Medicine Recipes help to quickly get rid of acute pain, in a few days to stand up. The action of some alternative drugs is not only aimed at eliminating the symptom, but also at treating the diseases that cause pain.

Some popular recipes include components that are quite rare at the present time, others involve the use of tools that can be found in every home. The variety of recipes allows everyone to choose the right ones.

Causes of lower back pain

Lumbar pains are of a different nature - pulling, cutting, stabbing pain, burning sensation or aches, there are different intensity - from causing discomfort to unbearable.

They also differ in localization: it happens that the spine hurts in the lumbar region, or the pain concentrates to the right or left of the spine, or is shingles, capturing also the lower abdomen.

If the loin hurts after sleeping, the reason may be an uncomfortable position in bed. But more often it is a sign of serious problems with the spine or internal organs. Lumbar pain may be due to these reasons:

    skin diseases and subcutaneous tissue in the lumbar region,

inflammation or injury to the muscles and ligaments of the back,

congenital abnormalities, infectious, inflammatory, degenerative, cancer and spinal injuries,

diseases of internal organs - gastrointestinal tract, kidney, female genital, prostate, appendicitis with atypical location, hernia in the lumbar triangle,

  • diseases of the sacro-coccygeal joint or hip joints with pain radiating to the lower back,
    pregnancy, menstruation.
  • To determine the exact cause of pain related symptoms are important. So, if the lower back hurts on the right side, it can be a sign of a urinary tract infection (accompanied by nausea, fever), irritable bowel syndrome (bloating, gas is observed), or a herniated disc.

    Treatment of back pain with compresses

    For compresses, either a tissue spread or impregnated with a medical composition is taken, or the composition is applied directly to the body, and the top is covered with a cloth, paper, plastic wrap, if the compress is warming, wrapping is necessary.

    Also used for compresses leaves of plants. The course of treatment depends on the well-being., usually need at least 3 days.

    Compresses are best done in the evenings, some hold for about an hour, some are left overnight or even for a couple of days. After such treatment, the loins in the morning hurt much less. Here are some recipes.

    From horseradish or radish.

    Grated root vegetables should be used with juice. With increased sensitivity of the skin or for children, the compress can be made less burning by adding sour cream to the mass.

    You can also mix in equal parts horseradish and mashed potatoes, cooked in their skins. The mass is applied with a thick layer on the diseased area, covered with polyethylene and wrapped with a wide woolen scarf or scarf. Compress need to keep an hour and a half, usually three procedures is enough.

    You can use radish juice, wetting it with a thick cloth and wrapping the applied compress on top. If the burning is tolerable, the compress is held for up to 2 days.

    Saline compresses. Salt dissolves in hot water (1:10), in this solution, gauze folded in 8 layers is moistened, the loins are covered, the compress is pressed to the back with a towel and left overnight.

    Compress from the collection of herbs. It is made similar to salt, only hot chamomile, thyme, black elderberry and St. John's wort are used.

    Compresses with genital (reclaimed by the husks of cereals). Fill the genital with several flat bags of fabric, boil in hot water under the lid, squeeze and cool slightly, so that it can be applied to the body as it cools with warm, so that the total duration of the procedure reaches an hour.

    Garlic compress. Chopped garlic is infused with water, a towel is moistened in this infusion, and lemon juice is squeezed onto it.

    Compress is applied cold, maintained until it reaches body temperature (about 20 minutes), if necessary, changes to fresh. To change compresses, until relief comes. For the complete disappearance of pain usually takes 5-7 days.

    Honey warming.

    The patient's loin is smeared with a thin layer of honey, covered with toilet paper on top. Mustard plasters are put on top, on top they wrap with polyethylene and something woolen. Keep a maximum of one and a half hours, with a strong burning sensation - less, how much can be tolerated.

    Mustard compress When there are no mustard plasters, but there is a dry mustard powder, you can make a compress by spreading it in hot water (40⁰). A piece of cloth is smeared with a mass of sour cream consistency, aged for several minutes.

    From the leaves of horseradish or burdock. Horseradish leaves are used fresh, washed, burdock, you can take and dry, after pouring boiling water, they put the bottom to the back. The leaves are pinned to the waist, you need to keep such a compress for at least an hour, you can leave it for a couple of days.


    Rubbing, like compresses, it is recommended to do at night, and then wrap the lower back.

    If your back hurts below the waist, you should also rub the waist, and the area below, and on the sides, the area of ​​impact should be wider than the painful area.

    To grind traditional medicine recommends the use of alcohol or vodka tinctures of such plants:

    • eucalyptus,
    • Red pepper,
    • fly agaric,
    • Adam's root,
    • dandelion root,
    • lilac,
    • burdock root

    Alcohol tinctures are not used for grinding. You can use agave juice, but begin treatment with caution, monitor the skin reaction, with a strong burning sensation, flush the juice.

    Good effect when rubbed gives infusion of flowers and leaves of tansy with the addition of salt. For half a cup of boiling water is given 2 tbsp. spoons of dry tansy and a teaspoon of salt, the herb is infused for an hour in a thermos, and salt is added to the filtered infusion.

    Honey compress can be replaced by honey massage, a sore spot is smeared with honey and massaged with slaps, followed by tearing off the palm and tweaks.

    Healing baths

    For the treatment of lower back pain, it is good to take a hot bath with healing supplements, which you need to stay in until the water becomes warm. There are 2 main options for such therapeutic baths:

    • with the addition of mustard powder - 200 g per bath,
    • with the addition of mint decoction - 300 g per bucket of water, boil for 20 minutes.

    Warm dry heat

    The easiest and most economical way is to sew a flat bag of such a size from wool to cover the diseased area. It can be filled with sand or bones of cherries, which are preheated in the oven, microwave, in a frying pan, and applied to the back.

    The bag should not be too hot., warm, but not burn. Traditionally, mustard plasters are used for warming up, as well as pepper plaster, ready-made or homemade (cut the pods of hot pepper, remove the seeds and stick it on the plaster with the core out).

    Medicinal formulations for the reception inside

    Internal treatment for lower back pain depends on what cause it is caused.

    For urolithiasis, infusions and decoctions of rose hips, plantain and nettle will help.

    When radiculitis effective alcohol infusion sabelnik. The dried root is crushed, the month is drawn on vodka (a medium-sized root for a half-liter bottle). Infusion need to drink a teaspoon 3 times a day for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

    Radiculitis and osteochondrosis also treated with wine from elecampane. On a three-liter jar you need to take a handful of crushed roots, a liter of honey, 100 g of yeast and water (warm boiled) enough to fill the jar 4-5 cm below the neck.

    The mixture ferments like usual wine for a little less than a month, then it is filtered and retracted in a cold place. This composition should be taken on 100 g twice a day, eating honey until it runs out.

    This video shows how to get rid of backache with folk remedies.


    The effectiveness of many popular recipes for the treatment of back pain is recognized as official medicine. For example, mustard, garlic compresses, honey compresses and rubbing, herbal compresses, herbal treatment of associated diseases.

    But such exotic or tough recipes as compresses with gun oil, Turkish tile powder, rubbing with turpentine or tinctures of amanitas, stinging with nettles are considered useless or even dangerous by doctors.

    Even making a choice in favor of folk recipes, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause of pain. After all, if, for example, the back loins on the right back hurt, this can be a sign of both oncology and degenerative changes in the spine, which, when treated, require a fundamentally different approach.

    An intervertebral hernia requires surgery. Low back pain is characteristic of pregnant women, and thermal procedures are contraindicated for them. So treatment with folk methods should be reasonable and careful.

    Lumbar pain affects more than 50% of the world's population, and this is not an exaggeration. Remember how many people from your inner circle from time to time cling to the back, having experienced an attack of acute pain. There are aching pains that a person constantly experiences. The causes of illness are many. These can be gynecological and urological diseases, banal osteochondrosis and rheumatism. The main thing is to figure out why all of a sudden it suddenly sounded out in the lumbar region, so that at least shout. With the "lumbago" in the back, the doctor must sort out and prescribe treatment. And we will try to help you with the advice of traditional healers.

    Treatment of lower back folk remedies

    After you are “cut out”, lie down on any hard surface. Find a posture for the body in which the pain will not be felt so acutely. The application of the asterisk balsam or iodine net onto the focus at the beginning helps. And of course rest - lie down until the pain subsides. And the recipes of traditional medicine will help you in the treatment, especially since some of them deal with the ailment after 3 days.

    Treatment of back pain with compresses

    Traditional medicine recommends treating back pain with compresses. Most often they are warming, help relieve pain and inflammation.

    On the sore back, you can apply grated horseradish or radish. To avoid burning, mix this mass with sour cream. Cover it with a napkin and tie it with a woolen scarf or scarf.

    For hot packs with wraps suitable infusion of chamomile, black elderberry, St. John's wort and thyme. Such procedures are best carried out at night.

    If you dilute a tablespoon of mustard powder in warm water (about 40 degrees), you get a mixture that resembles sour cream in consistency. This mixture must be smeared sore spot and warm. Keep the compress should be no more than 5 minutes, so as not to burn the skin. Remember: all warming compresses should not bring pain, maximum - tolerable heat and slight tingling. Otherwise, it is necessary to remove the compress and wash the sore spot with warm water.

    Burdock leaves have a healing effect. To compress you need to dry them, pour boiling water and attach to the lower back. On top of the burdock leaves wrapped in a warm woolen scarf and hold a compress for an hour.

    Use for the treatment of powdered bodyagi, diluted with olive oil in the ratio of one to thirty. From the resulting ointment should do warming compresses. The duration of the procedure is a little less than an hour.

    A good folk remedy for treating back pain is horse chestnut. It is ground to powder and mixed with melted lard and camphor oil. All components should be taken in equal quantities. A thin layer of this healing mixture is applied to a piece of black bread and applied to the sore spot.

    Make cold compresses with garlic. Garlic infusion is mixed with lemon juice and in the resulting mixture, soak a cotton napkin. The procedure of applying the compress lasts twenty minutes: during this time the napkin will have time to warm up to body temperature. After some time, you will definitely feel relieved if you regularly repeat the procedure.

    Compresses from dough are popular remedies. The loin is wrapped with a thick layer of gauze, and a thick (about 2 cm) layer of sour dough is applied on top. Perform the procedure should be daily before bedtime. The course of treatment is ten days.

    It is also useful to lubricate the sore back with honey. Rub it intensively, abruptly to normalize blood circulation, to return the muscles tone.

    Treatment of lower back pain

    Well help to eliminate back pain a variety of rubbing. Prepare medicinal tinctures can be at home.

    For example, on the basis of Cologne "Triple" make a liquid for rubbing, adding to one bottle a couple of bubbles of a three-percent solution of iodine, five red bitter peppers and two bottles of valerian tincture. The ingredients are mixed in a bottle of dark glass, thoroughly shaken and left to infuse for 24 hours. Before going to bed, you must lubricate the sore back with tincture, or draw a mesh with a cotton swab. From above a waist is wrapped up with a warm scarf or a woolen scarf. Best of all, this medicine helps if the cause of back pain has become sciatica.

    A proven folk remedy that can cope with pain is alcohol tincture of eucalyptus or Adam's root. It is useful to rub with alcohol tincture of burdock. This tool can be used for compresses.

    To alleviate the pain in the lower back, you can apply fresh horseradish leaves to the sore spot, wrapping it with a handkerchief on top. Change them every day.

    Treatment of back pain with a mixture of grated beets and kerosene

    Take medium-sized beets, wash thoroughly and rub along with the skin on a fine grater. Juice should be squeezed, and the remaining oil cake mixed with 1 tbsp. a spoon of kerosene. Apply the mixture evenly onto a cotton cloth and apply a compress to where the pain is most felt. To avoid burns between the skin and the mixture should be cloth.

    On top of the compress is applied a film and a warm wool scarf or shawl. Go to bed and already in the morning, there will be no trace of pain.

    Treatment with a mixture of egg white, incense and soap

    If you feel pain in the lower back, apply a compress from a mixture of 1 bag of white incense, 1 tbsp for the night. spoons of pre-grated household soap and 2 egg yolks whipped into thick foam. Mix everything thoroughly. The mixture is applied to wool, which is wrapped around the waist. After several such procedures, you will forget about back pain.

    Burdock leaf

    To use this recipe, burdock leaves can be prepared for future use by thoroughly drying them under a canopy in the open air.Before using dry leaves sprinkle with warm water and gently straighten. They can not be stored in thick stacks, otherwise they can fly.

    When pain in the lower back or joints, 3-5 burdock leaves, previously moistened with vinegar diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio, are stacked. The sore spot can be smeared with any vegetable oil and a compress should be applied to it overnight. Wrap a thick woolen cloth over the top. In the morning, after removing the compress, the skin should be wiped with a damp cloth or cotton. Usually after 3-4 procedures the pain recedes.

    Mustard Treatment

    In the event of back pain, the following popular recipe can be an effective way to reduce it. Take 1 tablet of Furacilin and dissolve it in 50 ml of water. Add to the liquid 1 tbsp. spoon of honey and mix well. After that, dip the mustard plasters in the solution in turn and apply them to the sore spot. Keep mustard plasters need how much you can tolerate. After removing the compress, spread the loin with cream or oil, cover with plastic wrap and tie over the top with a thick woolen cloth.

    Backache pain recipes

    Recipe1. For pain in the right or left side of the waist, an ointment based on horse chestnut is prepared. In this case, the tallow (interior) and camphor oil is mixed with horse chestnut grass, ground into powder. All components are added in equal proportions. The ointment is applied in a thin layer on pieces of black bread and they are applied to the sore back.

    Recipe 2. For back pain, moisten cotton cloth or gauze in horse chestnut tincture and attach to the sore spot. Gradually, the painful sensations disappear.

    Tincture of golden whiskers. Pain in the joints and lower back is well removed by tincture of golden whiskers on Bishofit. For the preparation of the drug should be 0.5 l of "Bishofit" pour 35-40 crushed articular plants and insist for 14 days. After this, strain the tincture and rub the sore spot or apply compresses for the night.


    Using the above folk recipes, it should be remembered that the banal back pain can be a precursor of serious diseases of the pancreas, kidneys, organs of the reproductive system, bone tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases.

    The effectiveness of treatment depends on timely diagnosis and the start of medication. Accurate diagnosis often requires close interaction of specialists of different profiles. Do not self-medicate so as not to lose time, thereby causing even more damage to your body.

    Education: A diploma in medicine and treatment was obtained at the NI Pirogov University (2005 and 2006). Advanced training at the Department of Phytotherapy at the Moscow University of Peoples' Friendship (2008).

    Local treatment of lower back folk remedies

    Traditional medicine recommends applying topical treatment for back pain in several ways:

    1. Compresses. For example: Large horseradish root or radish grate on a fine grater and mix with 2 tablespoons. sour cream. Lie on the stomach, and distribute the mixture in the lower back, cover with polyethylene and tie with a woolen scarf. Wash off after 30−40 minutes. Horseradish provides warming muscles, and sour cream helps to avoid burning and burns of the skin.
    2. Rubbing Proven folk remedies are spirit tinctures of eucalyptus, burdock or Adam's root, which are used to grind a sore back. You can also make your own tincture for grinding: mix a bottle of cologne with 2 vials of 3% iodine and valerian tincture, add 3–5 red bitter peppers. Mix the ingredients in a glass container and put in a dark place for a day.
    3. Mustard plasters To get rid of back pain, dissolve 1 tablet of Furacilin in 50 ml of boiled water at room temperature and add 1 tbsp. natural honey. In this solution you need to dip the mustard plasters and apply to the sore spot. Mustard to keep as much as you can tolerate, then remove them and spread your back with butter or cream.
    4. Ointment. If the loin hurts on the right or on the left, then an ointment with horse chestnut will be an effective folk remedy: 2 tbsp. L. Interior (baked fat) Mix with 2 UF. camphor oil and 2 tbsp. pounded into powder horse horse chestnut. All components are thoroughly mixed and the resulting ointment is applied in a thin layer on pieces of black bread, and then applied to the places of concern.
    5. Belt made of wool. To quickly get rid of acute low back pain, you will need a piece of fabric or knitted linen from sheep or other wool with a size equal to the area of ​​pain spasm. Sew the elastic to the edges of the fabric to make it look like a belt. Gum should press a woolen cloth, but not injure the skin, pinching the body. The belt is placed in a strong hot salt solution for 2 hours. Squeeze and dry the fabric. A belt made of wool can be worn regularly.

    Healing baths with the addition of carrot juice, an infusion of sage, young aspen bark, angelica broth also help well. The proportions are 3:50.

    Exercises for treating lower back

    There are four exercises that relieve pain in the lumbar region. You can perform these exercises at any convenient time. Here they are:

    1. Raise one hand and reach for it up as much as you can, then stand on tiptoes and still pull up. Repeat the same exercise for the other hand.
    2. Put your hands in the lock and lift them above your head with your palms to the top and try to reach.
    3. Put your hands in the lock, put them under your chin and press on your chin with your hands and your chin on your hands.
    4. Hang on the bar or horizontal bar. First weigh, at least 3-5 seconds, try to hang a little longer. This exercise is extremely useful for the spine. At the same time, there is one important condition - do not try to climb high, choose a low crossbar and press legs - the effect will be the same, but it will be much safer.

    It should be remembered that whatever method of traditional medicine for the elimination of pain is not used, it should eliminate its cause.

    Folk treatment of back pain from the inside

    A lot of infusions and decoctions of herbs, tree leaves and plant roots help to fight back pain. Here are some effective folk recipes:

    • pour 1 tbsp. aspen buds or 1 tsp adonis spring 200 ml boiling water, insist under a warm towel for 45−60 minutes. Infusion strain and take 1 tbsp. 5 times a day for a week
    • pour 3 tsp into a saucepan dry parsley root and add half a liter of water, close the lid and boil for 5-7 minutes. Cool, strain and take 1 tbsp. 2 times a day for 10 days,
    • pour 1 liter of vodka 200 g of pine nuts, insist in a dark and cool place for 25-30 days. Take 30 ml of tincture three times a day, half an hour before meals. The course of treatment - until the infusion is over,
    • scroll through a meat grinder or chop 2 kg of celery in a blender and mix with 1 kg of natural honey. Place in a glass jar and place in a dark place for 12-14 days. Take the medicine three times a day and 1 tbsp. 10 minutes before meals,
    • pour 300 ml of water 1 tbsp. fresh chopped sorrel roots, put on the fire and boil for 12−15 minutes Wrapped with a towel, insist 2 hours, then strain and take three times a day, 2 tbsp. l 20 minutes before meals.

    Using the above folk recipes, it should be remembered that the effectiveness of therapy depends on the timeliness of diagnosis and the start of treatment. And remember that the treatment of lower back pain folk remedies must be agreed with your doctor.

    Watch the video: 4 Quick Remedies for Headaches, Sinus Pressure, Natural Home Remedies with Jade Nelson (January 2020).