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What mattress to choose for scoliosis

There is an opinion that scoliosis must be treated in children. Adults rarely pay attention to this problem until the manifestation of painful symptoms, based on the principle of "does not hurt, and thank God." In fact, the treatment of spinal curvature is indeed easier and more successful in childhood, which is explained by the best plasticity of the skeleton at this age. It is almost impossible for an adult to correct a scoliotic deformity left at a young age without proper attention. However, to prevent further development and even partially get rid of the symptoms of the disease is quite realistic. An orthopedic mattress can help in this.

Why do you need an orthopedic mattress?

First of all, you need to understand the danger of developing the disease in question, even if you are an adult and very busy person. Scoliosis, reaching the third degree, causes spinal deformity due to which it literally twists around its own axis, causing the appearance of humps in the area of ​​the shoulder blades and ribs. In addition, there is a "tunnel" syndrome, in which the nerves of the spinal cord are subjected to infringement, which provokes dysfunction of the internal organs and a violation of motor reflexes in the limbs, as well as the appearance of pain that is difficult to stop.

Types of mattresses

Orthopedic mattress does not allow the spine to bend during sleep, keeping the body in the correct position. This feature contributes to a rigid structure designed specifically for this purpose. It should be noted that the use of an orthopedic mattress has absolutely no contraindications, which means that you can use it absolutely for everything, both for comfortable sleep and for the prevention of scoliosis. Due to the design features, different models have different rigidity. Therefore, there are three groups of orthopedic mattresses.

  • Soft
  • Semi-rigid
  • Increased stiffness

In addition, the considered products, depending on the type of filler, are divided into several types.

  1. With memory effect. They are filled with latex or polyurethane foam, which allows you to provide maximum comfort due to the fact that under the weight of the body takes the form of all its bends. However, such a mattress is not suitable for people sleeping restlessly. In other words, if in a dream you often toss and turn, then you should look at other models.
  2. With springs. Great solution for a double bed. The design of such a mattress prevents rolling on each other, because it takes into account the difference in weight and build of both people. Latex, foam rubber and coconut coir are commonly used as filler here.
  3. With the effect of "summer-winter". This solution allows you to increase comfort depending on the season, for which different sides of the mattress are made of different materials. The “summer” side provides better ventilation and no greenhouse effect, while the “winter” side is designed to save heat. When changing season, you simply turn the mattress.

Product selection

Having decided to purchase a mattress, and deciding on the choice of the optimal version of the product, you should take into account many factors, such as the degree of development of scoliotic deformity, the presence of various spinal pathologies and even the age of the buyer.

  • Semi-rigid models are ideal for people who do not have any abnormalities and pathologies of the spine.
  • Hard type mattresses are recommended for children with progressive curvature, as well as for people with third and fourth degrees of scoliosis, accompanied by pain.
  • Products belonging to the soft group, it is customary to use with a small body mass, as well as in old age, in the presence of osteoporosis.

However, despite the above recommendations, when choosing an orthopedic mattress, personal feelings are the main and determining factor. The most comfortable option will definitely be the best choice.

How to get used to the mattress?

Having bought an orthopedic mattress, many people often complain of discomfort and discomfort during sleep, as well as a feeling of fatigue after it. And even though this happens quite often, do not rush to be disappointed or return the purchase altogether. Everything is explained quite simply. In fact, you most likely did not have time to get used to the new thing, and vice versa - literally “grown together” with the old mattress, on which more than one year has lain. That is why the more rigid model initially causes some discomfort, which passes as you get used to. Later you will certainly appreciate the merits of orthopedic bedding.

If, after a couple of months, the discomfort has not disappeared, then this means that the mattress was initially chosen incorrectly, and it should be replaced with a more suitable model for you, a more rigid one, or, on the contrary, a softer one. In order not to buy a cat in a bag, before going to the store it is recommended to visit an orthopedist, make an x-ray of the spine and get expert advice. This will make the right choice.

The effectiveness of the orthopedic mattress, as well as the comfort of sleep, significantly increase when used in conjunction with a special pillow. When applying the same pillow, there is a risk of developing cervical osteochondrosis, which is fraught with such symptoms as:

  • Feeling tired
  • Pain in the neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Dizziness.
  • Migraine.

Due to the onset of such symptoms, you may regret buying a mattress, although the wrong pillow will be to blame for everything.

The mattress is not a panacea

By purchasing an orthopedic pillow and a mattress to alleviate the symptoms of scoliosis, you must be aware that these bedding items cannot cure you of the disease. These are preventive remedies that will help:

  1. Reduce pain
  2. Slow down the development of the disease.
  3. Increase comfort during sleep.

The treatment of scoliosis itself, especially in severe cases, should be comprehensive and multifaceted, which implies special physiotherapy exercises, swimming, wearing corsets, and other procedures prescribed by the attending physician. In this regard, orthopedic mattress is only an additional tool that helps to alleviate the general condition, and partially relieve the symptoms of the disease.

What is scoliosis - its symptoms

It is a mistake to believe that scoliosis is a disease that should be treated only in childhood. Many adults gave up on him and go to see a specialist only during exacerbations. Meanwhile, scoliosis is one of the most common diseases of the spine, which not only schoolchildren suffer, but also people who have to spend a lot of time behind the desk. Often, scoliosis can occur between the ages of 9 and 17 as a result of excessive physical exertion.

Spinal curvature, which is observed with scoliosis, can be congenital or acquired, but the degree of pain does not decrease.

If in the early stages the disease may not cause serious inconvenience, then with scoliosis of the third degree, the angle of curvature of the spine is already so large that the vertebral table begins to "twist" around its axis, a hump appears, and the chest, on the contrary, becomes hollow, the "tunnel" syndrome develops .

In this case occurs:

  • infringement of the nerves, which leads to severe pain, including in the internal organs,
  • the motor function of the extremities is impaired (they can, for example, “refuse” the hands or feet).

Of course, an orthopedic mattress is not a panacea and with its help it will not be possible to cure the disease. However, in combination with other measures, such as Chenot's corset, he is able to halt the progression of the disease by reducing the load on the intervertebral discs.

How to sleep with scoliosis

Care for the health of the spine should always be, but it is especially important to prevent its curvature at a young age. Along with gymnastics and attention to your own posture, it requires the organization of the correct berth and the observance of simple tips during sleep.

  • In the supine position, your body should be located so parallel to the base of the bed, so it is better to abandon the high pillows and old mattresses with a "hammock" effect.
  • If you like to sleep on your stomach, try to get rid of this habit. It is better to fall asleep on the side, slightly bending the legs at the knees..
  • If the disease progresses, do not make sudden movements, do not tilt your head strongly to the sides. Try to roll over from one side to the other smoothly.
  • After waking up, stand slightly tilting your body forward and leaning on the edge of the bed.

What is the mattress for scoliosis

If you are thinking about how to choose an orthopedic mattress for scoliosis, we suggest that you study the parameters that should be the basis of a successful acquisition.

Based complexity is the proper selection of stiffness.

The stereotypical idea that in spinal diseases it is necessary to sleep on a super firm basis is erroneous. Such a support, on the contrary, will lead to excessive pressure on healthy areas of the body, and you risk acquiring new diseases.

If, apart from scoliosis, you do not have other health problems, then a semi-rigid mattress can be recommended, a good choice of which Damascus offers us. Hard same models are suitable in cases if you sleep on it:

  • child with progressive scoliosis,
  • adult with scoliosis of 3-4 degrees, severe pain and intercostal hernia.

Soft base variants are almost never used, but they can be prescribed to elderly patients if they have other diseases besides scoliosis, for example, osteoporosis.

What should be the mattress for scoliosis design? There is no single answer to this question. You can choose a spring or springless model with fillers of different stiffness.

Here are some recommendations:

  • In children and adolescents, it is most often advised to use springless mattresses of medium hardness.
  • If the disease is fixed at the very beginning, then a spring mattress with an independent unit will do.

Pay attention to the hygiene of the product. It must be made of materials that do not cause allergies. In a number of models, one can see antibacterial impregnations in fillers, which prevents the development of pathogens and insects in the mattress.

It is important that the mattress has high anatomical characteristics.especially if the spine is deformed enough. Speakers of its parts will not rest against an elastic mattress that will relieve you of discomfort.

If you choose a mattress with an eye on any disease, the recommendation of a specialist is extremely important. Only taking into account the specific features of the disease, on the basis of laboratory studies and your analyzes, the doctor can predict which model will suit you perfectly.

But first, let's talk about scoliosis.

There is an opinion that scoliosis is a disease of schoolchildren and students, and it should be treated only in childhood, and the transfer of a teenager from a children's clinic to an adult automatically cures him.

  • In fact, scoliosis also affects most adults, who spend most of their time at the desk. Most of us just forget about our “childish” problem and remember only when the body binds the pain.

Of course, most often scoliosis occurs between the ages of 9 and 17 years. This is acquired scoliosis, arising from long sitting at a desk and physical exertion, but also congenital curvature of the spine.

Both in the first and in the second case, the disease does not disappear anywhere, and adults, as well as children, need medical treatment and comfortable sleep on a special mattress.

In the early stages of a person, as a rule, does not notice any inconvenience and discomfort.

Of course, the mattress can not cure the disease, but is able to halt its development in combination with other measures.

  • An orthopedic mattress with scoliosis reduces the load on the spine by providing an anatomically correct position of the body. And if it does not cure, it will prevent the occurrence of this common disease.

Proper sleep with scoliosis

In order to prevent the appearance of the disease at an early age, it is necessary to pay attention to your own posture, do gymnastics and sleep on the right mattress.

  • During sleep, the body should not sag, as in a hammock.

To do this, you will have to not only change the old mattress, but also give up too lush pillows.

  • Harmful sleep and stomach.

It is best to fall asleep in the position of the “germ”. It is important not only to sleep properly, but also to get out of bed. This should be done by leaning on the edge of the sofa or bed and tilting the body slightly forward.

Orthopedic mattress for scoliosis - what is it?

The main selection criterion is rigidity. Contrary to popular belief, the mattress should not be super hard. Sleeping on a mattress does not save you from problems with the spine.

  • On the contrary, solid support will cause new diseases, since healthy parts of the spine will be regularly subjected to excessive pressure.

Adults, the only health problem of which is scoliosis, it is better to stay on semi-rigid models.

Hard mattresses are recommended for children with a progressive disease or for an adult with intercostal hernias, severe back pain and scoliotic impairment of grade 3–4.

It can be models from PPU, artificial latex and coconut fiber. Such models are in the collections of all manufacturers.

  • For example, Damascus firm offers a fairly good range of mattresses of varying degrees of rigidity.

Physicians recommend soft mattresses for elderly patients suffering from not only scoliosis, but also, for example, osteoporosis.

Children of pre-school and school age, and adolescents are recommended to sleep on springless mattresses of medium hardness. If it was possible to stop the development of the disease at an early stage, you can use models, blocks of independent springs, or a double-sided mattress with different sides of rigidity.

  • Anatomical characteristics of the product are very important. They should be quite high. Do not forget about such "little things" as anti-bacterial impregnation and anti-allergic materials.

Important and recommendations of the doctor, but most importantly - your own comfort. Each of us evaluates the orthopedic effect by our own criteria.

How to choose an orthopedic mattress for scoliosis

Let's still see why it's worth saying no to scoliosis, even if you

  • adult,
  • you have no time
  • you go to the hospital only under the threat of death or when you are very sick

Isn't it better to let him develop quietly and calmly himself? Well, you will be a little bit crooked - so what? Tea does not marry you and not under the crown ...

The dangers of distortion of the third degree

Alas, this affliction will not always be so benign. In the third degree of scoliosis, if you remember, the angle of curvature is already so large that the spine begins to curl around its own axis. And then, to the surprise of where the humps suddenly appeared in the ribs and shoulder blades, and why the chest suddenly became hollow, a “tunnel” syndrome is added:

  1. The nerves of the spinal cord in a curved spinal canal tunnel are incarcerated.
  2. There are pains and dysfunctions in the internal organs associated with these nerves.
  3. Motor reflexes in the limbs are impaired (for example, the feet stop bending, etc.)

How does the orthopedic mattress work?

Due to the special design with increased rigidity, the orthopedic mattress keeps the body in the desired position and prevents the spine from sagging during sleep.

Since it has no contraindications, it can be recommended to absolutely all people for the prevention of scoliosis and comfortable sleep. Sleep is necessary only on a flat surface..

Types of mattresses

According to the degree of rigidity mattresses are divided into three groups:

  • Soft products
  • Semi-rigid mattresses
  • Reinforced hardness

Which mattress is best to choose?

The answer to this question is determined by many factors:

  • Your age
  • The degree of development of scoliotic deformity, if any
  • The presence of other pathologies of the spine
  1. If there are no deviations, it is better to choose a semi-rigid mattress, since in this case it is most comfortable.
  2. Orthopedic hard mattress for scoliosis is selected in the following case: In childhood, with progressive curvature. At the third - the fourth degree of scoliosis with severe pain or intercostal hernia
  3. A soft mattress is better suited: In old age, with osteoporosis. With a small weight

When choosing a mattress, you need to be guided by your own feelings: the type with which you are most comfortable will suit you.

The design of the orthopedic mattress

Depending on the type of filler, this bedroom is divided into groups:

Based on material from memory effect (polyurethane, latex foam)

These mattresses are able to provide maximum comfort, so they take the form of all your curves.

However, if you sleep restlessly and toss from side to side all night, then such a mattress, alas, is not for you, and you need to choose a different design.

Spring orthopedic tool is more suitable for a double bed, because it takes into account the difference in weight and prevents rolling on each other

With the effect of "winter-summer" (fillers: foam, latex, coconut coir, etc.)

Fillers on both sides on the two sides of the mattress are different:

  • in summer we sleep on the same side, which ensures the absence of the greenhouse effect and better ventilation
  • in the winter - we turn over to the side where the heat-saving upper covering

How to get used to the mattress

Moving on to a super comfortable mattress (according to all assurances of advertising), you may be disappointed:

  • To sleep was, on the contrary, uncomfortable
  • On waking up in the body - feeling tired or even pain

However, do not rush to return the product to the store and fall on the sellers:

How long have you slept on your usual, long-lost and bent mattress? Probably more than one year. During this time you got used to it and literally grew together.

Now, some time is needed in order to get used to a new, tougher friend. Suffer a little, and you will find that rigidity really is a blessing.

If two months have passed, and the discomfort has not gone anywhere, then you have chosen the remedy incorrectly.

Perhaps it is too hard for you or, conversely, soft

Before choosing an orthopedic mattress, you can consult an orthopedist. It’s good to choose a time at least for a x-ray of the spine, and then just go to the store. It is better to spend a few hours and quite a bit of money than to hastily buy a “cat in a bag”, and not at all cheap, and then go change it.

The role of the orthopedic pillow

The efficiency of the mattress and the comfort index will increase if you get an orthopedic pillow together with it

If the mattress on your bed is orthopedic, and the pillow is ordinary, then it can discredit the mattress, as cervical osteochondrosis will give the following symptoms:

  • Tension and pain in the shoulder and neck muscles
  • Feeling tired, migraine, dizziness, etc.

Not having slept, in a bad mood, you will exchange the newly purchased novelty, and the pillow will be to blame.

Mattress - not a panacea for all ills

When buying an orthopedic mattress for scoliosis, you need to remember that it is impossible to cure the disease with the help of it:

  • Can reduce pain with severe scoliosis
  • Slow down the progress of the disease and create a comfortable body position with the curvature of the first - second degree

Treatment for scoliosis should be multilateral.

In severe cases, it may be necessary:

  1. Restoration of mobility
  2. Normalization of the internal organs
  3. Special therapeutic exercise with corrective exercises
  4. Asymmetrical swimming under the direction of a rehabilitation specialist - a specialist in curvature
  5. Wearing Corrective Corsets
  6. Thalassotherapy (treatment with natural remedies and climate): Sea climate and water. Wrap with algae and mud, etc.

In this regard, an orthopedic mattress can be considered as one of the additional means to alleviate the patient's condition during scoliosis.

Be healthy! Enjoy the shopping!

Video: About the benefits of orthopedic mattress with scoliosis

An orthopedic mattress for scoliosis is assigned, starting with the 2 degree of the disease. The product optimally distributes the load on the back during sleep, promotes muscle relaxation and prevents further spinal deformity.

Selection of severity

Depending on the degree of rigidity, there are 3 types of products:

Orthopedic traumatologists and vertebrologists recommend using semi-rigid models for the prevention of spinal diseases. They are suitable for almost everyone and do not put pressure on the vertebrae during sleep.

Rigid products are intended for people suffering from diseases of the spine. They prevent the pain syndrome that exists with intervertebral hernia, protrusion, or severe lateral curvature. When the deformation of 3 and 4 degrees of the mattress will eliminate pain and protect against the progression of the disease.

Hard mattress with scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees will prevent further progression of the disease and will serve as an optimal product for a comfortable sleep.

Soft models are recommended for patients with large body mass and the elderly with severe deformity of the spinal column.

About filler characteristics

The filling of the orthopedic mattress plays a significant role in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

Main types of fillers:

  • Springless memory models,
  • Spring products
  • Models "winter-summer".

Most often, for patients with lateral curvature, products with a memory effect filler are recommended. He "remembers" the shape of the body and ideally repeats the individual characteristics of the back. Thus, the pressure of the product on the protruding spinous processes of the vertebrae is prevented.

True, if a person turns over on a memory mattress all night, you should choose another option.

Products with springs are usually purchased for double beds. In this case, a perfect dream will be provided for both people who sleep on an orthopedic mattress. The springs will respond optimally to the difference in weight of the sleeping couple and cause a wonderful dream, both for a man and for a woman.

The filler "winter-summer" allows you to use different product characteristics in winter and summer time. To do this, just flip it over to the other side. It is believed that in summer, when sleeping on a hard product, there is the effect of "beating", when an elevated ambient temperature increases the blood supply in the back area. In this case, the pain syndrome increases, and the spinal column is damaged even more.

The main types of mattresses for the spine

Orthopedic mattresses for the spine are divided into the following types:

  • Springless. Consist of ecological materials: coconut coir, latex, and also foam rubber:
  • Spring. They have pronounced orthopedic properties that allow skeletal muscles to relax optimally, and the spinal column to assume the correct position. Independent spring unit is placed in a separate package, made of durable material. Each spring is compressed separately from the others and sags under the body with a point load distribution,
  • Vacuum. Models are convenient for transportation, as they take up little space when folded.

Modern springless material can have up to 7 zones of rigidity. They are made of wire of different diameters. This design ensures optimal adaptation of the product to the curves of the spinal column.

Thus, an orthopedic mattress for scoliosis should consist of natural materials and a comfortable for the back filler (natural latex or coconut coir). Such models are considered environmentally friendly and are best suited for the treatment of diseases of the spine.

After prolonged use of the product, a habituation effect may occur. To prevent this phenomenon, you should have several orthopedic products for the bedroom: a pillow, a mattress and even a blanket.

Correct selection of a pillow helps with scoliosis of the cervical spine to prevent further curvature of the axis. The blanket is selected according to the season, so that in any conditions it allows the skin to “breathe” optimally.

The main task of all these products is to prevent the curvature, to eliminate discomfort after sleep, to restore the correct position of the vertebral axis.

However, during 3 weeks a person may experience unpleasant sensations in the back when sleeping on an orthopedic mattress. After this period they must disappear. If the pain during sleep on an orthopedic mattress lasts more than a month, you need to purchase another product that will be more optimally suitable for your back.

Choosing an orthopedic pillow

Even the toughest mattress will not benefit the cervical spine if a person is sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow. Its width should be equal to the shoulder girdle. The filler is chosen so that it does not press on the neck curve.

Modern models are made on the basis of latex or foam rubber. These materials perfectly adapt to kyphosis and allow the neck to breathe. Medium-sized people will find pillows filled with coir-latex, as well as models with reinforced springs.

Features orthopedic pillows for children and adolescents:

  • It must have a filler without springs,
  • For young children, choose models that should be ventilated. For these purposes, the best pillow made of coconut filler,
  • For children after 7 years old, it is necessary to select models with a memory effect,
  • For pains in the cervical region, the pillow should be made of “breathing” materials,
  • With cervical scoliosis of 3 and 4 degrees, it is better to acquire rigid models.

In conclusion, it should be added that there are no perfect orthopedic pillows that are optimally suited to each person. The best are models that prevent problems in the cervical spine.

With scoliosis - curvature of the spine - jokes are bad. To stop the progression of the disease and rectify the situation, you need to take action immediately! Particular attention is important to pay bed. If the problem is already there, you need to focus on tough models, a mattress of medium hardness will be suitable for prevention. When asked what kind of mattress is needed for scoliosis for you, the doctor will answer best, because each case is different.

Scoliosis is a curvature of the back with a displacement of the spine to the right or left. It also appears when bulging a rib or scapula. This is a very common disease, it affects about 40% of people!

What threatens scoliosis?

  1. Easy form. It is expressed as a defect in appearance, however, since it is noticeable to others, the patient has a strong psychological discomfort. The person simply closes, constantly feels insecure and inferior. In addition, it is limited in some movements.
  2. Strong scoliosis. Very dangerous because it shortens and deforms the body, because of this, the volume of the chest and abdomen is reduced. In such a body, internal organs are not able to function normally. For this reason, a person may eventually become disabled!

To worry and take immediate action is already in the mild stage of scoliosis, because, according to statistics, in a third of patients it continues to develop at a rapid rate.

The situation will be helped by correcting the correctly chosen orthopedic mattress, because scoliosis can also develop due to improper posture during sleep.

What should be the mattress if you have scoliosis?

The word "orthopedic" means that the product is intended to correct the deformations of the body. Therefore, to find out which mattress is better to choose for scoliosis, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations:

  1. You can not sleep on a soft mattress. Preference should be given to products with an average or high level of rigidity.
  2. If you choose a spring mattress, it is better to consider the option on independent springs: when a person lies on a product, it bends only where pressure is applied, and not over the entire area. This design supports the problem areas - neck, lower back. If two people sleep on the mattress, they will not roll over each other.
  3. As for the mattress filler: in addition to the springs, in order to achieve medium rigidity, plates of coconut and latex are added to the product, only coconut is used for high rigidity. Springless mattresses with these fillers are made according to the same principle, in addition, they can be made of bamboo, polyurethane, orthopedic foam. Who is more like it.
  4. All of the above mattresses have anatomical properties, however, it is believed that the springless mattress is more elastic, and therefore more suitable for patients with scoliosis.

Mattress for the prevention of scoliosis

For the prevention of suitable orthopedic mattress with springs and without. You should not sleep with a healthy back on a hard mattress board. This is not only inconvenient, but may also prove harmful to you. A hard bed is recommended only for people with a problem spine, as well as for children and adolescents when the body is still formed.

The main rules for choosing a mattress

Mattress selection is an individual matter, it is impossible to buy it, focusing only on other people's advice. Therefore, in order not to miscalculate with the purchase, it is best to do the following:

  1. Consult with an orthopedic surgeon. Especially if you already have scoliosis. The doctor will take into account your body size, height, weight, age, stage of the disease, and will give appropriate recommendations on choosing the right mattress.
  2. Be sure to lie on the mattress. Before you buy, "try" it. Orthopedic properties of the product are realized only when you feel comfortable on it.

A 13-year-old child has left-right lumbar-thoracic scoliosis of grade 2 (unfixed). Advise orthopedic mattress.

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Reasonably accessible and complete information on the choice of mattresses is available on the website of the LeDi Clinic (d Stupina)

Arina Levina Newbie

Arina Levina said:

Hello, I have scoliosis. Which mattress is better to sleep on? Hard or soft? Maybe there are special mattresses for such diseases? I would appreciate the answer.

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t. (495) 646-02-03

Arina Levina said:

Hello, I have scoliosis. Which mattress is better to sleep on? Hard or soft? Maybe there are special mattresses for such diseases? I would appreciate the answer.

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With respect,
t. (495) 646-02-03

Vladimir Vorotyntsev Physician - chiropractor, rehabilitologist

Mattress with scoliosis - pure commerce!

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Mattress with scoliosis - pure commerce!

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Daria could not fall asleep at our place in Ramuni.

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Here you are again! Again, bury a good deal! First, earn yourself a scoliosis, and then argue!

Dear Michael! What do you advise corsets? Daria could not fall asleep at our place in Ramuni. In Germany, we met a Russian-speaking girl Ilona. She said that her parents bought her a super-expensive mattress, sleeping on which she does not feel the pressure of a corset. We suffered a month, threw the bed, bought a polystyrene chair cushion. It seems to be fashionable and comfortable. Only it quickly deflates, and it has to be refilled - this is its only minus. In the meantime, I'm trying to fill it, my hunting schen carries these balls everywhere, and even tastes them.

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“The mattress with scoliosis is pure commerce!” - I will agree one hundred percent, but until you make sure from your own experience - hope lives.

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Well now this diversity of orthopedic mattresses, just choose

Sleeping position

It is during sleep that the body is restored, that is, many physiological processes stabilize. This also applies to the spine. When the back muscles are completely relaxed, the natural blood flow and lymph flow are resumed, as a result of which the cartilage tissue is provided with good nutrition. In addition, metabolism is activated at night. This contributes to the regeneration of intervertebral discs, against which vertebrae assume a natural position. In fact, the spine is stretched. It is these processes that explain why a person’s height after a night's rest is a couple of centimeters higher than before bedtime.

But in order for all these processes to start at night, the human body must assume an anatomically natural position, which is especially important for any diseases of the back, including scoliosis. But what position will help to restore the curved spine, it is better to ask your doctor. After all, all recommended and unrecommended postures during sleep largely depend on the type of scoliosis.

There are general recommendations and tips regarding the choice of sleeping positions that will contribute to proper rest:

  1. The ideal pose is on either side. In this position, with the correct choice of bedding, the spine is in a natural position. Accordingly, the muscles relax completely during sleep. The absence of unnatural bends prevents pinching of nerve endings and blood vessels. This position contributes not only to the restoration of the spine, but also to good nutrition of the brain. Therefore, a person does not feel sutra brokenness, lack of strength, weakness.
  2. You can sleep on your back with scoliosis. But only with the availability of orthopedic bedding: a mattress of appropriate rigidity and a low pillow. Back, head and legs in this case should form a single line parallel to the surface of the bed. Sleep on your back is recommended for patients who have a chest deformity.
  3. Sleeping on your stomach is categorically contraindicated not only to people with a curved spine. Indeed, in this position, the natural lymph flow is disturbed - there is an outflow of fluid from the spine. Often, after sleeping on the stomach, people get up in the morning with edema. In addition, in this position, internal organs are compressed, muscles are in constant tension, and the spine itself assumes an unnaturally curved position. Indeed, during sleep on the belly bangs involuntarily turns his head to the side, against the background of which the vertebral arteries are squeezed. Therefore, the brain during the night rest is not provided with oxygen and blood. The effects of sleep on the abdomen: morning headaches, dizziness, weakness, problems with pressure, back pain.

In case of scoliosis, one should also take into account the type of curvature. Patients with left-sided scoliosis doctors are advised to sleep on the right side. In this case, you need to stretch the right leg, and bend the left leg in the knee, the left hand can be positioned freely in front of the body, slightly bent at the elbow. With right-sided scoliosis, the position is mirror opposite.

How to choose a mattress

It is important not only to choose the correct position for sleeping, but also to choose the bedding that is ideal for a sore back. And, above all, you have to figure out what should be the mattress for scoliosis.

There are many types of mattresses: spring and vacuum, springless and possessing memory, all-season and combined. And all manufacturers claim that it is their product that meets the requirements of a comfortable sleep. Indeed, most mattresses have orthopedic qualities, but this does not mean that they are suitable for a night rest for a patient with curvature of the spine.

First of all, when choosing an orthopedic mattress for scoliosis, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Anatomical. It is this quality that allows the spine to be maintained in a physiologically correct position, repeating all the bends of the body, but preventing excessive squeezing under the weight of the body.
  2. Hygiene. The mattress should be made of materials that produce unpleasant odors or provoke the occurrence of allergic reactions. In addition, the filler should not accumulate dust and other harmful substances, create a favorable environment for insects. Top mattress should be well absorb moisture and pass air, which provide only natural materials.
  3. Comfort Even on the most expensive, environmentally friendly, orthopedic mattress that fully complies with the therapeutic requirements, it is not always comfortable to sleep. Therefore, before you buy, do not hesitate to lie down on the mattress to feel how your body reacts.

Given the individual characteristics of each person, it is impossible to name ideal criteria that must be strictly followed when choosing a mattress. But still there are recommendations for people with scoliosis, which, above all, relate to the rigidity of the mattress. It is on the rigidity of the product will depend on how the spine will be located during the night rest.

  1. Soft mattresses are not recommended even for a healthy person. On a soft bed, the body literally sinks into the mattress, respectively, the spine assumes an implicit position with a deflection in the lumbar and / or thoracic region. In such a position, it is impossible to achieve proper rest and restore the spinal column.
  2. Semi-rigid mattresses are suitable for healthy people for the prevention of scoliosis, as well as for patients with 1st degree scoliosis. This product allows you to save during sleep all the physiological curves of the spine, which promotes tissue regeneration, proper rest.
  3. Hard mattresses are recommended for patients with a 2nd degree of spinal curvature, as well as in the presence of intervertebral hernia. It is a rigid foundation that can prevent the progress of the disease, helps to eliminate the pain syndrome.
  4. Mattresses with independent spring blocks, it is desirable to use for scoliosis of the 3rd degree. It is independent blocks that are able to perfectly adjust to the contours of the body, which is important when the disease is neglected. This type of mattress is advised to choose also for double beds, when sleeping on it have a different weight.

Children and adolescents, it is desirable to sleep on a hard bed, as the spine is only formed, and any violation of posture, even in sleep, leads to its curvature.

Choosing a pillow

Full night rest is not possible without complete relaxation of the entire spine. And if the mattress provides natural curves in the chest, lower back, then to create a normal restroom, the cervical section will need a quality pillow.

Rest on a too high pillow is the worst option for scoliosis. The head in this case is located in an unnatural position, the vertebrae during the rest shift. This provokes clamping as the nerve endings in this area, and large, small vessels. As a result, morning pains appear in the neck, neck, neck area, headache, and swelling of the face.

But even to sleep without a pillow or to use a too soft product is not the way out. In this case, the head, on the contrary, is thrown back, which leads to the same consequences.

To achieve the perfect location of the head will help orthopedic pillow. The roller is the ideal option: the width of this pillow should be equal to the width of the shoulders, but the height will have to be selected individually. When choosing, one should pay attention not only to convenience, but also to the location of the spine - there should be no cavities between the back of the head and the top of the back.

Doctors advise patients when choosing an orthopedic pillow for scoliosis to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. It is better to buy pillows without springs with natural filler.
  2. Children buy products from breathable materials.
  3. Adult patients, it is desirable to purchase rollers with a memory effect.

The greater the angle of curvature of the spine, the more rigid the orthopedic pillow should be.

Mattress and pain in the spine

Is it good to sleep on the floor

"You need to sleep with scoliosis on a hard surface." This statement has long spread, and even today there are its adherents, not only among patients but also doctors. Why spend money on modern orthopedic mattresses, if you can just go to sleep on the floor. And many patients do.

But will the effect of sleep if you sleep on the floor with scoliosis? Definitely not. Hard and hard surfaces are completely different things. If rigid orthopedic bedding ideally adapts to the curves of the body, then the spine on the floor becomes unnaturally arched. In fact, sleeping on a hard floor is a mirror image of the rest on a soft mattress. On such a surface, the buttocks and thighs rise unnaturally, the spine takes on an additional load.

Some lovers of sleeping on the floor are trying to solve the problem using a mattress. But it is worth remembering that the closer the body is to the floor during sleep, the greater the likelihood of hypothermia.

And constant hypothermia is one of the reasons for the development of inflammatory processes in the back.

Sleep on the boards

On the advice of friends, sometimes physicians, patients make special wooden shields, which are placed under the net of spring beds.

Is it a myth or a truth, and what effect will there be from sleeping on the boards during scoliosis?

Indeed, there are a number of diseases, for example, ankylosing spondylitis, when patients are advised to sleep only on a hard surface. But with scoliosis, such techniques are superfluous. Just lie on the board to see how the spine arches in an unnatural arc.. How can such an arrangement of the spinal column have a therapeutic effect in its curvature? The answer is obvious - no.

Experimenting with the treatment of the spine is extremely dangerous. And the correct night rest refers to one of the methods of scoliosis therapy. Therefore, you should not wrestle with what mattress is suitable for, what to sleep on, what a pillow should be, but you should contact your doctor, who will recommend how to sleep with scoliosis, taking into account the stage of the disease, the patient's age and the presence of associated health problems. .

Types of orthopedic mattresses

An orthopedic mattress for scoliosis is prescribed after detecting a patient in grade 2 disease. Orthopedic mattresses have no contraindications, so you can sleep on them not only for scoliosis, but also for the prevention of this disease. Different models have different stiffness, 3 groups stand out:

  • soft - this option can not be considered for any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such models are recommended for older people and patients with high body weight,
  • semi-rigid is a good option for the prevention of scoliosis, especially in case of hereditary predisposition to the disease,
  • increased stiffness - this option perfectly supports the spine in the correct position, significantly reduces pain during scoliosis and prevents the development of the disease.

In addition, these products are divided into 3 types:

  • springless - they are made from environmentally friendly materials such as foam rubber, latex or coconut coir,
  • spring,
  • vacuum.

Among springless products the mattress made on the basis of coconut coir is considered the most rigid. To make this material more rigid, it is sometimes mixed with natural latex. The orthopedic properties of the product are preserved, it almost completely follows the contours of the person who sleeps on it. Bamboo, polyurethane and orthopedic foam can also be used as a filler. Springless mattresses are quite elastic and are great for patients with scoliosis of 3 degrees.

When choosing a spring mattress, preference should be given to models with a rigid block of independent springs. In this case, the product will sag exactly in those zones that are under pressure. Such models will perfectly support the lower back and neck. For products of medium hardness, in addition to springs, plates of coconut with latex are added to the product. For more rigid models use only coconut plates.

Criterias of choice

Before choosing an orthopedic mattress, patients who have a curvature of the spine, it is necessary to consult with your orthopedic doctor. The recommendations of the physician will be based on the stage of the disease, height, weight, age and patient build.

Before buying a product it is advisable to lie down on it. A person should feel comfortable during sleep, then the orthopedic properties of the mattress will be fully realized.

Children and adolescents whose body is just forming, as well as people with pronounced curvature of the spine are recommended more rigid bed.

Some are hard to get used to the new mattress, they may complain of discomfort during sleep, various inconveniences, in the morning they feel tired. A tougher product takes some time to get used to. But if in a couple of months the uncomfortable state does not disappear, then the mattress is chosen incorrectly and will have to be replaced.

Patients with lateral curvature of the spine are encouraged to choose a springless product with a filler that has a memory effect. Such products “remember” the individual shape of the body and ideally repeat it. But such models are not suitable for those patients who sleep restlessly and often turn in their sleep.

Products with springs are often advised to purchase for double beds. Perfect sleep will be provided to both due to the fact that the springs will respond to different weights. At the same time sliding to each other will be excluded, a beautiful dream for the couple will be provided.

A wonderful choice of mattress with a “winter – summer” filler. During the heat in the spine increases blood circulation, which leads to increased pain and poor health. For summer, the side that provides sufficient ventilation and does not allow the greenhouse effect. The top coating of the "winter" side has a heat-saving effect. It is enough to turn the product on the desired side and you can count on a normal sleep at any time of the year.

Need pillows

In addition to the mattress for scoliosis, especially grades 3 and 4, the patient will also need a special orthopedic pillow.If you sleep on an ordinary pillow, this can lead to the development of cervical osteochondrosis. This disease is accompanied by pain in the neck, frequent dizziness and migraine.

Pillow with coconut filling will be perfect for children, they will be easily ventilated. When they are 7 years old, you can pick up a product with a memory effect; hard springless products are perfect for this. Orthopedic pillow should be selected individually for each patient so that she could provide the most comfortable conditions for rest.

Orthopedic mattress and pillow can not cure scoliosis, they are only a necessary supplement for complex treatment.

The rigidity of the mattress helps to significantly alleviate the general condition of the patient, reduce pain and slow the progression of the disease.

What to choose?

The best is the purchase of products with different rigidity of the parties. For example, on the one hand there will be coconut coir, on the other - coconut coir with a layer of latex.

People's rating

If you doubt the choice of the type of spring block or materials, we advise you to study the popular rating of mattresses for reviews. The online store "Matraster" has developed a unique system that allows, based on user feedback, to derive ratings of bases, materials, manufacturers on a five-point scale.

So, for example, the best estimates have mattresses using natural latex - 4.9 out of 5 . Coconut coir without additives - 4.4 out of 5. It should also be noted that the springless unit has an estimate 4.5 out of 5, which is higher than the classical independent spring block, but significantly lower than the springs of the “Micropackage”.

Despite the ongoing controversy, many experts recommend for people suffering from scoliosis and other diseases of the spine, it is springless options. They are moderately resilient, provide a normal hard base for sleep and contribute to the gradual alignment of the spine. But in any case, you never need to engage in self-treatment, and for advice on choosing a mattress, you must first seek the advice of an orthopedic surgeon.

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